Open Thought: What Does the “Stand Your Ground” Law Really Mean?

“STAND YOUR GROUND!”  Those three words cause some people to swell with pride, and others to shrink from injustice.  The way you feel  depends on whether you are black , brown, red, yellow or white.    Shouldn’t they mean the same thing to every American?  We are all citizens of this great nation–have shed blood, sweat and […]

Open Thought to the Metaphysics of Dealing with Cancer

“Metaphysics means nothing but an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly.”  William James  As I stared at the above quote I wondered what William James meant when he penned such a statement.  What does he mean by metaphysics?  How does he define “think clearly?”  The answers to these questions impact whether one accepts or rejects […]

Detroit News Freelance Writer Andrea Daniels Chats with Duane Parham

Detroit News Freelance Writer Andrea Daniels Chats with Songwriter/Producer Duane Parham Detroit saxophonist Duane Parham was 15 years old when he did his first professional performance at an east side club. He played a saxophone that cost his grandmother $100, and he’s been playing ever since. “I always wanted to sing,” says Parham from his […]