Apr 06

Angels Messages of Dr. Mamie Smith

There are periods in a person life where he hears divine messages.  Sometimes he heeds these messages, other times he ignores them.  As I grow spiritually, I listen more and more and strive to demonstrate what I hear.


Earthly House:  A consciousness of mortal beliefs.

Building of God:  A consciousness filled with spiritual ideas.

The man of God’s creation is clothed with immortal thoughts, a divine consciousness and spiritual thoughts from God.  He is clothed with peace and harmony.  Mortal man is burdened by mortal thoughts–thoughts of disharmony, anger, bitterness and mental chaos.  He must replace these thoughts with divine thoughts–thoughts of love, forgiveness and non-judgment.

Mankind’s beliefs are formed before he appears in birth–formed by the mother carrying him, the world around him.  To rid himself of these beliefs, he must recognize that he dwells in Mind, and that there are no limitations in Mind.

Fruits of Spirit:  Faith, hope and long suffering.

Money’s Limitations:  All of the money in the world cannot prevent the operation of divine law, it only affects the operation of mortal man’s laws.  God’s law is all-power.  Let us wait for the salvation of God.



Feb 24

Open Thought: Have We Made the Gun a Graven Image?”

As I listen to our President, the NRA and many people across America, I ask myself, “Have we made the gun a graven image?”  Is the Second Amendment greater than the Second Commandment?

The Second Amendment says one has a right to “bear arms.”  The Second Commandment says one does not have the right to make anything a “graven image. ”  What do they mean?  How have both been misinterpreted, misused and abused?

Let’s look at the Second Amendment:

It reads:  “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  The question  becomes “What is a militia?”  It seems to be a key factor in the definition.   It is “a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.”  Is one person a military force? or is a group like the national guard considered a military force?  Does an individual, without the civil population “raising them up” have a right to collect an arsenal of weapons–weapons that kill great numbers of people in minutes without there being a community derived emergency?  Who determines what an emergency is?  One person or the people collectively?    What does “raising up” really mean?  Has this country declared a state of emergency that an eighteen-year-old can grab an assault rifle and mow down his classmates?

America … we have allowed politics, greed and lack of logic to govern the reasonable intent of our forefathers.  We have limited that well stated amendment to a few words … “my individual right to bear arms.”  There is nothing in the amendment that speaks to individuality.  Then … there is the phrase “well regulated.”  To regulate means to restrict, or place limitations on.  The “right to bear arms” people want no restrictions, even when first graders are being drenched in blood.   Another question arises, “What are we securing ourselves from?  Teachers? Elementary children? High school children?  We need to secure ourselves from “mass murders!”

Now … The Second Commandment.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth” (Exodus 20: 4). 

A graven image is an idol–a god.  Have many Americans made “guns” a god?  Guns are designed “to kill.”  That is their sole purpose.  Placing one in your arms, means you are preparing to kill.  So the question becomes, Is it more important to this nation to allow anyone wishing to kill somebody the right to do so at the expense of the hundreds of people who have been killed?  Guns have become an obsession in this country, and we are paying a human price for it.  We have allowed irresponsible politicians, greedy gun manufacturers and the NRA to take away our sense of logic, morality and the God we should serve.  Shame on us America!  

When Moses received the message from God to write The Ten Commandments, they were not written for spiritual people –spiritual were not doing the evils that Moses saw the children of Israel doing, it was human beings committing those acts.   Thus, it was revealed to him by God to design laws that “met a human need.”  The Ten Commandments. 

Jesus’ teachings reiterated those Commandments.  Why?  Human beings needed them to keep us in check!  Our forefathers designed the Constitution to keep us in check … not at the expense of each other but in harmony with each other.  We have taken  many of those amendments, the Second Amendment being one, and used, abused and manipulated them to fit our own selfish desires and ambitions.

It’s time the citizens of America  stop allowing a few people to interpret our Constitution to fit their purposes, and leave human carnage scattered over this nation.  It’s time we stop being cowards and do what we know is right!  It’s time to stop listening to lies and adopt laws that protect innocent people.  We became a great nation because of the sincerity and practice of our Constitution… not the manipulation of it.  If we want to remain great, we must practice righteousness, equality, mercy and divine intelligence.  To continue in the pathway that we are standing in now, will be our demise.

Where are our spiritual leaders?  Why are they not speaking out against the gun laws that are destroying us?  Are they in bed with the NRA too?

If you read this article . . . look within yourself, and … let your divine consciousness be your guide!




Dec 13

Politics Guided by Spirituality!

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psalms 24:1). 

What is the psalmist saying?  He is addressing  God as sole Creator of everything that exists–everything that exists spiritually, because only things of Spirit, God are real.  The universe of God’s creation is composed of spiritual ideas that express the divine nature of God, Soul, Spirit, Principle–divine Law.  Evil has no presence or reality.  Further, he is saying everything in the world of Spirit belongs to God.  The question then becomes, “Is there anything in the earth or world created by God that does not express righteousness, goodness and purity?”  My response, “No!”  Where does that leave politics?

Politics is a human entity, based on human beliefs, desires and laws, and within itself, it has no spiritual identity.  The only thing spiritual about the operation of politics in the human experience, are the thoughts of each person in politics.   If those thoughts are corrupt, inhumane, dishonest and evil, politics will be inhumane, corrupt and evil.  Thus, it is essential that character traits such as, honesty, truthfulness, intelligence, justice, equality and divine activity are heard, seen and demonstrated by the person holding such a position and ones aspiring to acquire a position.  If these character traits are not communicated in some way, the person will not practice them in word and deed while in office.   Society can no longer ignore spiritual attributes not expressed by individuals who serve in local, state and national government.  Why?  Because one devoid of moral values will execute immoral values and each  of us will suffer in some way!

Evil is no respecter of person, wealth, race, color or religion.   Wealth has not and will not eliminate  destruction of country and the world!  Pure thoughts sent into the world help promote world peace.  Evil thoughts emptied into the world promote destruction of the world–wars, storms, fires and multitudinous disasters.  It is never the work of God to destroy the world he created–a world of love, comfort and truth.  Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: Not as the world giveth,  give I unto you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).  I ask you, “Is the world today very peaceful?”   Peacefulness yields peacefulness and destruction yields destruction.  The thoughts of Jesus calmed the tempest.  We must discover the thoughts he embodied and daily seek to fill our consciousnesses with the same quality of thought.

What is pervasive in politics today, is what is pervasive in the hearts and minds of people in the world?   Money, power, greed fill the atmosphere.   The attitude is, “Everything for me and I don’t care about anyone else.  I will close my eyes to hate, bigotry, lies, deceit and man’s inhumanity to man as long as I get what I want.”

America, this is not who we are.  We are a nation under God–a God of truth, righteousness and peace.  Compromising ourselves in government means compromising ourselves in life.  I am gratified and hopeful in the actions taken by the people of Alabama in the election yesterday.  They said, “Enough is enough!  Politics cannot dominate my life –truth must be the determining factor.”

It is often said, “What a person does in his personal life and business, have nothing to do with how he functions in government!”  That is so untrue.  A person’s personal and business life reflect the thoughts, ideas and principles by which he lives.  Those will not change unless the foundation of his principles and values change.   That scene is acted out over-and-over in politics not only in this country, but in countries throughout the world.  Spirituality is not religion!  These are two separate entities which can or cannot be compatible.  Religion is governed by a set of rules and principles of a particular person or group.  Spirituality has its basis in the divine laws of God, the understanding of those laws and day-to-day execution of those laws.  Thus, for politics to serve humanity, it must be governed by spirituality. . . otherwise . . . we fail!





Jul 14

What is the Purpose of Human Existence?

What is the Purpose of Human Existence?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I hadn’t . . . that is, until viewing Super Soul Sunday  on the OWN CHANNEL .  Oprah had asked this question of many of the world’s spiritual leaders when they appeared on the Show, later compiled the responses, and played  them as one Show.


As I listened, I wondered, “How would I answer that question?”  Hmm-mm, not a clue.  What did I do?  I asked God for an answer.  Here’s what he told me . . .


Human existence has no purpose, because it has no reality!  Yes . . . that was the answer, and I am sure many who read this will say . . . “You  need a spiritual hearing aid!”


Human existence is a false sense of what is real. Therefore, it’s only reason for supposedly existing . . . and I emphasize, supposedly, is to reveal the opposite of what is real. The question then becomes . . . what is real?


God is real, and God is not human.  He is Spirit.  Everything real comes from Spirit, and everything unreal or ungodly, is not made of Spirit, thus cannot be spiritual or real. John says in Chapter 4, Verse 24, “God is Spirit:  and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”  


How does one worship God “in spirit?”   By mentally allowing the Christ to transform thinking . . . rooting out of thought all negativism: such a prejudice, hate, anger, bigotry, disrespect, fear and all the etceteras that go along with them.  The Christ is that which expresses or manifests God, and when we connect with this godliness, righteousness and perfection, all human thinking is expunged.


When you are able to do this, human sense disappears, and spiritual sense appears.  What is spiritual sense?  Mary Baker Eddy gives this answer:



“Spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity to understand God ” (Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 209).  Maybe you read that definition, but have no idea what it means . . . join the club!  I wrestled with the meaning for many years, and have only begun to understand it.  Our spiritual sense is that which truly defines us–our ability to constantly and consciously seek an understanding of God.  We reach out to God mentally, listen . . . and obey the angel messages that speak to consciousness.  In so doing, consciousness rises above human interpretation and knowledge.  The physical senses are muted, and one is only aware of God’s goodness and love.  Have you ever been there?  I have . . . many times, and nothing in the human experience equals it!  Why is understanding God necessary?  One cannot have faith in God if he does not understand who He is.  Understanding is the mechanism for faith.

Daniel had a knowledge and understanding of God, and that knowledge caused him to quiet the fears and doubts that told him he could not interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.   Leaning on his faith in God, he found not only the meaning of the dream, but the precise words to express it to the King.


That same faith and understanding made him safe in the lion’s den, and that same faith is available today.  When the physical senses told me I was blind–one eye completely closed and the other barely open, faith caused me to “lift my eyes to the hills, from whence (came) my help,” (Psalms 121: 1).  After two days of constant prayer, my vision returned.  No medical help was sought . . . only God.


When my faith in God is attacked by cruel words and harsh treatment, divine Love embraces and comforts with “Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth” (Psalms 46:10).  Communicating with God, provides the understanding and knowledge to handle any human situation or experience.  The divine law, Principle, is ever operative, and protects, governs and guides.  We have only to avail ourselves of it.

Human existence serves only as an opportunity to prove that law exists, and not the laws of mankind.  God does not sink to human understanding and experiences, but is ever-present, and that presence is peaceful, righteous and perfect.  Living in the depths of human existence, mankind is blind to the presence, power and knowledge of God.  To acquire this knowledge and power, he has to separate himself from mortal thinking and unite with spiritual wisdom and understanding.  Truth is unchangeable . . . what changes is our perception of it.  Human existence defines “truth” as that which is perceived by the five senses: our eyes, ears, touch, smell and taste.  True vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch, are perceived mentally, and thought that precedes them, is spiritual existence.


When my mother passed away last year, she left a Will that selected me as the person to execute (executrix) it.  The Will gave extended powers to the executrix: the ability to buy, sell, decide what to do with the house, land and use available funds to divide all resources equally.  It clearly stated that after all divisions had taken place, any remaining funds were to be dispersed equally among her children.  However, many years prior to her death, she decided to place a co-signer on her bank accounts.  I was asked, but was already handling all of her legal matters, and detected that would not “sit well” with my 13 siblings.  I told her to ask another child . . . she asked others.  My oldest brother agreed to become the co-signer.  He knew she never intended ownership, but because she did not specify that as a directive to the bank, (she was not aware of it), Mississippi bank laws gave him ownership at her demise.

Over my objections, my brother dispersed the money among 14 children (including myself . . . I did not cash the check) equally without knowledge of what it would cost to execute the Will.  All 13 siblings banded together, and cruel and accusatory words were spoken and written to me.  The ones whom I trusted the most did the most damage.   Mortal thinking urged me to get an attorney and sue them, but I knew the first step was to handle the hurt and pain I was experiencing and remove all desire to get revenge . . . so, I distanced myself to do so.  That took a few months . . . now I feel I am back on track.  An attorney has been hired, and all I wish to do, is follow the instructions of a judge and get the matter settled.  If that means accepting my share and moving on, without prejudice, pain or revenge, I can do that.

How did I get to this place?  Many days and months of allowing truth to wash over my consciousness, replacing angry, hurt thoughts with pure and loving ones, seeking over and over to see each sibling as “made in the image and likeness of God,” and endeavoring to hold to my own true identity . . . as a “child of God,”  was how I got to this place.  It is never easy to overcome the human with the divine, but if we are to prove that human existence is a myth . . . it must be done.  Jesus was the Exemplar, and showed us how to do it.  We have to really love unconditionally . . . not by words only, but with deeds, and these deeds must grow out of faith, hope, honesty and humbling ourselves to God’s will . . . not human will.



The “kingdom of God” is in each one of us.  Becoming aware of it, coupled with a constant alertness to the unreality of evil and proving such, is the only way to demonstrate that human existence has no purpose.  Most of us will not achieve perfection before this so-called human existence disappears, but the steps we take here, will shorten the journey when we arrive at the next level of consciousness.

Human existence is not a creation of God, it’s a false sense of who God is, and the man He created.  Once we understand this, we are ready to begin the journey.














Apr 30

Open Thought to: Choosing Wisdom over Foolishness

“The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness” (Proverbs 15: 14).

Many times in life, we are presented with two pathways:  the pathway of knowledge and the pathway of foolishness.  Which do we choose? Sometimes, it is very clear to us which one to choose, and we choose wisdom.  Other times, our greed, selfishness and pride cause us to veer into the path of foolishness, and then there are times, we would love to choose the right path, but our lack of spiritual understanding guides us to the wrong one.

The experience I would like to share with you walks in the third pathway–my seeking wholeheartedly to choose wisdom, but missed the mark.

Years ago, I had severe dental problems and had on combined dental visits, extracted and replaced several teeth with fixed bridges, retractable bridges, covered some with crowns and left one space open because I did not want to connect a bridge to an unsound tooth, nor receive an implant.  Instead of solving all of my problems, the treatment solved some, but also created bigger problems, one which caused my teeth to shift from side to side, grind against each other and produce soreness.


I struggled with the problem for many years, but decided I would not let anyone “inside of my mouth” again except to clean my teeth–using a periodontist instead of a dentist.  Any pain or suffering was dealt with metaphysically. However, as the years passed, the space that had been left open grew wider and wider and my re-tractable bridge did not seem to fit, and along with the shifting and grinding of teeth, the pain became unbearable at times. Turning to God for a solution, led me to believe that either new teeth would appear to fill in the gaps, the gums would adjust to the changes my teeth were undergoing, or everything would stay as it was, but all pain and suffering would disappear.


Before you say, “What a stupid decision,” let me tell you that as a Christian Scientist,  I have experienced many healings–healings that can only be defined as “the work of God and His glory.”  Among those healings are blindness, yeast infections, broken wrist (the only treatment being to set the wrist and put a cast on it), disappearance of colds, flu, strep throat, migraine headaches and many more illnesses.   So, placing my faith in God, is a normal reaction and process.  No medical treatment has been administered to me in over 40 years.  “When Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free,” he spoke true words that can be proved today.


Now . . . back to the unbearable pain with my teeth today . . . which incidentally has plagued me for several days. This day however, I was going to put all of that stuff to rest, so I placed the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and concordances for both books around me and began to do the work I knew I had to do.  I read numerous citations, on “fear, mouth, love, conscience, trust” and others I cannot recall–pondering and listening to the meanings of all.  At the end, I was directed by God to call a dentist.  I was astonished!  So, I began to have a “question and answer session” with God.  What does that mean?  It means asking God a question, waiting for an answer and then asking Him another question based on the answer received.  This went on for more than an hour.  At the end of the session, I was more confused, and kept thinking, “Why would God who is Spirit, tell me to do something un-spiritual?”

Slowly, a citation by Mary Baker Eddy emerged in thought . . . “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,  p, 494).  What was God revealing to me?  I wasn’t sure, but after having been at this study for many hours, I decided to “wait on God ” to make it clearer at another time.  I knew he would, I just did not know when it would happen.

After preparing breakfast, I sat down to eat and watch “Soul Sunday” on the Oprah Channel OWN.  Her guest was an inspirational young man sharing his view of religion and spirituality.  As I listened, it became very clear to me what and why I had been directed to call a dentist.


When divine Love meets a human need, it does not mean the need is spiritual . . . it means the pathway to receiving that human need is spiritual!  Wow! What a revelation for me . . . maybe not for you!


With hope, sincerity and a deep faith in God, I had sought an answer to my “teeth dilemma.”  The pathway to God was spiritual, because the numerous biblical and spiritual citations readied my thought, moved my consciousness upward and gave me a level of understanding I did not have.  The confusion came about because the answer I heard, did not “jell” with the answers I had concluded (human will).  I was trying to direct God instead of allowing Him to direct me.  I expected God would give me a miraculous healing message, but all I heard was, “Call a dentist.”  That simple answer could not be God talking!  Plus . . . everybody sees a dentist!  What was godly about that?


What did I need to learn?  A human need is not a divine need . . . God didn’t need a dentist . . . spiritually, I didn’t need one either . . . but humanly I did.  And since my spirituality had not reached the level of understanding where I could affect the appearance of new teeth, or keep things as they were, but experience perfect harmony on all fronts, the answer was “Call a dentist and get your human need met.”    Also, I realized that if my spiritual understanding progressed . . . when I get to the dentist, putting in an implant and filling a space between two teeth, may not be the human solution.  This is where my understanding is NOW, but does not mean this is where it will remain,  and being obedient to God is a necessity wherever it is,  You got it . . . I called a dentist (on a Sunday) and left a message for an appointment.


What is different about my enlightenment and where I was before the intense study?  My faith and trust in God are stronger, and an acknowledgment that performing a human act directed by God, does not make the act spiritual, it makes the process spiritual, thus giving me a higher level of thought and spirituality.  Also, it taught me another lesson . . . that human will has no place in the divine economy.

Listening to God with the innocency and faith of a little child, paves the way for spiritual growth and ascendency . . . listening to human will, leads one down the pathway of failure, suffering and discouragement.  Which will you choose . . . a path of wisdom, or a path of foolishness?

Your success depends on the one you select!