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Open Thought to: An AMAZING Story of Faith, Love and Courage!


An Amazing Story of Faith, Love and Courage
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Is it possible to hear a clear definition of life that comes strictly from the mouth of God? Does God really speak to mankind in a voice that he can understand? Mamie Smith says emphatically, “Yes! That is what sets my book apart from others written on the loss of a loved one.

 God gave me and only me this definition of life . . . and with this revelation I was healed of pain and suffering! How do I know? God touches each one of us right where we are and because each person is different, each touch is different.”
Never before has there been a book that defines life as “the divine activity of thought.” What does it mean, and how and when applied, does it bring healing? The Unfolding of a Rose gives example after example of what it means to identify active, responsive spiritual thinking as life . . . what happens when you do it and how “change of thought” can bring change in body, soul and human conditions.Smith not only tells you what life is, she takes you mental hand and walks you through each agonizing moment, each transformation of thought and each revelation of truth.

This is a book of exploration, conviction and determination! Even those who have never experienced the loss of a loved one will find it embracing, comforting and engaging!

Order this wonderful book in the next 24 hours during the official launch and you’ll get valuable free gifts with it!
Read the personal accounts of the inspiration and help received by those who have read this wonderful and life-changing book.
Thank you for being authentic in this book, for sharing when the fear, doubts and other mortal thoughts showed up and sharing how you dealt with them. Thank you for sharing this journey. Yes, you did have to write this book… for me and countless others who are feeling our way through. You are encouraging us to pray, study, stay near to God and not rely on those feelings that jerk us around. Rhonda Youngblood

I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration, and openly sharing your experiences. Your grace, warmth, positive attitude and strength encouraged me to fight another day. A Visitor in Your Store

Please buy this book and read this book and give it to a friend. It is amazing. Mamie is an inspirational human being and mother. She inspired me. My daughter has breast cancer. Margie

Smith’s grief assumes form in a moving tribute in poetry and a thoughtful meditation in prose. Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744

What I really admired was the strength Mamie got from her inner faith through this tragedy. It’s hard to forgive the negligence she believed caused Meta’s death, but she finds a way to work through the anger and grief. This book gives examples of how to handle this and any other kind of tragedy. Mamie shares her story to help others get through it. That’s what makes the book useful and delightful. You can refer back to it anytime you need to. Shirley Slaughter

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Three Powerful, Soul-Stirring Songs by

BEST Selling AuthorTrish LeSage

“When the Rain Falls Down”
“The Wind That Carries Me”
“I’m Still by Your Side”
                         Songs that stir the soul and tickle the spirit.

Brenda Adelman

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Lisa Payne

OK. If you’ve been following along with this series or know anything about me, you know I’m all about celebrating success. And you deserve it!!! Look at how far you’ve come!You started out wondering how you were ever going to find enough time in your day to manage your to-do list and get a bit of time for yourself. Now that you have the tools, you can proudly join the 5AM Club and that, my friend, is worth a whole lot of celebrating!

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Tom Von Deck

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Hampton Summit:
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Time travel messes with your mind, and your love life. That’s what you will discover in the Castleton series, an eight-book romantic adventure saga for smart and curious readers. The Hampton Summit is the first book in this wonderful Sci-fi series. Time travel messes with your mind, and your love life. That’s what you will discover in the Castleton series, an eight-book romantic adventure saga for smart and curious readers. The Hampton Summit is the first book in this wonderful Sci-fi series.
Time travel messes with your mind, and your love life. That’s what you will discover in the Castleton series, an eight-book romantic adventure saga for smart and curious readers. The Hampton Summit is the first book in this wonderful Sci-fi series.
Elements of a Broken Mind
Short Description

Join Detective Grant Anderson and Clear Angel in this psychic thriller as they track down a serial killer hunting the young women of their town.

The Lost Crew:  Book 2 of the Castleton Series
Short Description
The Lost Crew is book two of the Castleton Series, and once again demonstrates how time travel messes with your mind and your heart.  The Lost Crew is book two of the Castleton Series, and once again demonstrates how time travel messes with your mind and your heart.

Ebook by Dr. Linda deCoff

Every person needs to read BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!“, because it is exactly that, A Handbook. Once read in its entirety one finds just re-reading a chapter can raise one’s vibration for the entire day.
ON BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ “I WAS CAPTIVATED FROM PAGE ONE!” ~ 5 STARS ~ by Barry Finlay, Award Winning Author/”Kilimanjaro and Beyond ~ A Life Changing Journey!”

Jerry Zehr

Author of:  Six Steps to Creating the Life You Desire
Bringing the fullness of life through self-discovery.
See Jerry’s NEW book: Blurring the Lines
What are you willing to sell your soul for?  Intersect in this intriguing novel based on a true story by Jerry Zehr.   Blurring the Lines tells the story of Thomas, a driven young actor struggling to break into the entertainment industry in LA. Thomas’ conservative Amish heritage and his overwhelming desire to succeed continuously collide. His success, his survival and his soul, are at stake as he struggles to determine his life’s purpose.  Blurring Lines is NOT part of the gift!

Mamie L. Smith in her book The Unfolding of a Rose opened my eyes to the weakness in my faith and to the strength, courage and grace shown by the author. The author lost her beautiful Rose while she was in full bloom, but Meta’s grace and courage lingers like perfumed air. Shirley Anderson

Meta’s mother experimented with various religions, looking for an alternative to her husband’s Catholic faith. A chance knock at her door by a Christian Scientist puts the wheels in motion that would make her a devoted follower of Mary Baker Eddy and her philosophies. The more she studied Christian Science the more she saw that its doctrines surpassed conventional medical assumptions. When Meta’s cancer was discovered, her strong faith carried both of them through many dark days. Thinking back on her daughter’s life Mamie writes,” I see her as planted by divine Mind, nurtured by Spirit and yielding the fruits of Love. She is not a rose that comes into being, lets its beauty and fragrance shine for only a moment and then passes away, but an ever unfolding rose whose petals dance among us, never to disappear from our lives.” Lee Ferguson
I especially enjoyed the ending of the book, as it sends us all a strong message about remembering who we truly are (spiritual beings instead of a physical body). I highly recommend this book to those who have Cancer, have a loved one who is going through Cancer or who has lost a loved one to Cancer. I also recommend this book to those who are going through difficult times in life in general, as it reminds us to look at everything from a spiritual perspective, and it could help us to find the strength, courage, and peace within to overcome our challenges. Highly recommended!   T. Macurio




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Open Thought: Talks to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith

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The EDUCATIONAL ARTS SOCIETY sponsors “Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith”, a radio show dedicated to authors who have GREAT stories to tell, but no platform to tell them.  Because you are not a celebrity, you are not asked to enter the world stage like Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama Like Dr. Smith, you are just a “regular person” with a story to tell–a story that will benefit all mankind.

NOW there is a world platform for you.  You will appear onEducational Arts Music & Talk Radio and have your story heard around the world. Dr. Smith’s show reaches listeners in 20 countries and continually touches those looking for your information and experiences.

How do you get on this show to promote yourself?  Here’s how:

Author Directions:


  1. Go to  and donate a minimum of $45 to Educational Arts Society (EAS).  EAS is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible.
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       Your show appearance and book will be advertised for 3 days on social media sites         by EAS and placed on the website. 

       Social Media Sites:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite  Your book will continue to market even . . . after you appear on the show, via all of my sites and show re-runs.

Once the contact is made, Dr. Smith will research your book and website, prepare questions that fit you and your book’s profile, submit them to you, set-up a date and you are . . . ready to go. (The research, targeted mini-review, marketing and questions have a value of $450). Payment should be made before the process begins.

If you wish to talk with Dr. Smith, please include a phone number where you can be reached and she will call and talk with you before you do ANYTHING!  

For more information on Educational Arts Society, go to @

What to Tell Your Friends

If you have friends that want to listen, tell them to: Copy this link: The day of the show . . . authors may call in @ 4:45 pm.

EAS looks forward to hearing from you.  If you have a friend who has written a book, please forward this blog post to him/her.


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Open Thought Asks: What Are Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem?





A week ago, this question would not have appeared in my thought.  Why now?  Good question.


It started the day I interviewed an author on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith–my radio show.  The author’s book revealed how a person could move from bankruptcy to wealth by changing how he viewed himself and others.  The benefits this book introduced were so helpful that I decided to purchase it.  Now . . . after reading a section about self-esteem, I had a startling revelation!  I had been exhibiting symptoms of  . . . you got it . . . low self-esteem.  

I had always felt myself to be right “on target” with the self-esteem issue, but using basic questions supplied by the author uncovered in consciousness just the opposite.  What did I find?  



Before delving into my self-discovery, it is essential to understand what one means when he exhibits symptoms of low self-esteem.  According to Wikipedia,self-esteem reflects a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs (for example, “I am competent,” “I am worthy”) and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame.”   On the surface I revealed self-confidence, competency, logic and the ability to triumph over untoward circumstances, and … for the most part, this defines my true vision of myself, but deeply embedded in the subconscious, was an intense fear of failure.  How did this come about?


As a child, I was a quick learner, retained information superbly, could give it back in an exemplary manner, and made excellent grades in school–so much so that I skipped two grades and graduated high school at the age of 15.  This placed me at a disadvantage as a freshman in college because most of the students were 3 to 4 years older than I.  However, my ability to verbalize successfully caused people to believe my age paralleled theirs.  My “serious” boyfriend was a senior at the college–making him 6 or 7 years older than I–continuing an attitude that  boys my age were immature and lacked the intelligence to match mine.
From early childhood, my parents praised my efforts, showered me with undue accolades and viewed me as the “brain” of the family.  This caused me to try harder and harder to succeed at everything I did–failure simply was not an option and when I did fail, it caused great mental stress. egoignaxioMostly, I excelled over everyone else because my community was small and competition very sparse. This sparked an enlarged ego which resulted in the development a somewhat superior attitude about myself relative to others.
I believed myself to be the “greatest,” but was actually a “big fish in a small pond.”  I got the first dose of reality during my first year in college.  There, I met young people whose accomplishments in life far exceeded mine. This only caused me to work harder and by the end of my sophomore year, I was back among those who exhibited success in achievement–I had worked tirelessly to get there.  I felt  “on top” again!  This continued throughout adulthood for many years, but after reading and digesting many of the concepts and ideas from a book entitled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, I began to understand that there is only one Ego … and that is God.  God, being the sole Creator of man, and understanding that He created this man in His image and likeness, I began to grasp that all that I am, or ever will be comes from Him.  I am nothing without His grace and glory!
The journey of self-discovery had begun and continues today.  The only differences in people, is basically how they view themselves and demonstrate that viewpoint.  If you see yourself as a failure, you will consciously or unconsciously work at becoming a failure.  Even though I viewed myself consciously as a successful individual, subconscious tendencies of low self-esteem did not allow me to achieve at my highest capacity.
What are symptoms of low self-esteem?  There are a many . . . among them are:
Chaotic Relationships
Eating Disorders
Fear of Making a Mistake
Wearing a Mask
In her book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem,  Dr. Marilyn J. Sorensen lists several symptoms of low self-esteem and gives helpful ways of dealing with them.  However, as a person who uses metaphysics instead of physics in dealing with all human dysfunctions, I explored divine intelligence as a basis of uncovering hidden emotions and agendas.
Therefore, as I grew in my desire to serve God and understand my relation to Him, I found myself doing things far above my imagination, recognizing that as one reflecting the intelligence of divine Mind, there are no limitations, doubts, fears or inabilities … “all things are possible through God.”  It is not easy to demonstrate this confidence, because the human environment is constantly holding ineptitude, lack, insecurity and imperfection in front of my gaze and rising above them takes daily prayer, self-awareness and self-alertness.
Today, I seek only to think, speak and act with confidence, impartiality, self assurance, humility, respect and gratitude.  How do I do that?
  1. Seek a greater understanding of God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love.  (See Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 465).  
  2. Recognize that understanding God and my relationship to Him/Her, is an eternal process that must be constantly embraced here and hereafter.
  3. Daily effort is made in reading and studying the Bible, Science and Health and other chosen spiritual materials.
  4. Daily, putting into practice everything I learn about God and myself as a child of God.  Practice allows me to continually grow in those areas and not reach stagnation.
  5. Seeking only to “love my neighbor as myself” and recognizing that the only real Self is God.  Thus, if I love and obey God, I will love my neighbor . . . and every person, black or white, red or yellow, rich or poor, Christian or Muslin, is my neighbor.
  6. Using The Ten Commandments, Beatitudes and The Lord’s Prayer  as the foundation for  spiritual growth, practice and development.




Writing this article, was an opportunity to define the qualities given to us by God, and discounting man-made beliefs and ideas.  Self-respect, based on a spiritual foundation, does not breed arrogance, nor does diminishing oneself, enlarge abilities.  Thus, it is essential to tap into God-derived qualities, employ them and establish increased self-esteem and spirituality.




Nov 22

Open Thought to Music: Educational Arts, Music & Talk Radio (EAMT)


Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio Info


EAS Logo2


Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio will feature music in many different genres from musicians around the world.
Talk shows cover topics in spirituality, health and wellness, pet care, traditional ministry and many more.  Music will fill the air waves with melody, harmony and dissonance that rocks the soul and soothes the heart.  It will come “at you” in country, reggae, gospel, rap, salsa to name a few.  Stay streaming and we’ll keep you beaming!

The Duane Parham Show – Sundays – 6pm-8pm(est) 

Duane Parham Promo 032

“Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith – Sundays – 5pm – 6pm (est)

You Raise Me Up (2)

Talk  & Music by The Motown Ambassadors

The Original Vandellas

The New Fantastic 4 pic

The Fantastic Four

Flyer 4 The Web-1

Detroit City is Coming Back – Written & Produced by Duane Parham


A Jazz Version of Detroit City is Coming Back

Keeping your ear to the tunes of Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio will keep you in tune with what’s happening in the world!  Click here and mentally walk along with us.

Follow these directions if you have a problem reaching the station:

Click on this link:

Joey Vee Band
Joey Vee & Band Record the Country Version of: ” Detroit City is Coming Back” 

Live Celebrity Talk

Time:  7:00 am – 8:00 am – Monday – Saturday


Live Celebrity Talk features people of prominence, fame and popularity from a variety of professions, subjects and artistic abilities.  The world-renowned civil rights activist and comedian Dick Gregory appeared on the show when it debuted November 16, 2014.  


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Open Thought: How Do You Respond to the Challenges of Life?

Mamie Smith PicIt is not about life not placing challenges and roadblocks in your pathway, it’s about how you respond to them.  No one is free of human hardships, frailties and difficult times, but finding a way to use them for growth and spiritual development is the key.   When my daughter passed away in 2005, it took every ounce of mental and physical strength to regain a sense of normalcy . . .  with only memories of her to keep me balanced.  What did I do?  I turned inwardly and sought a greater understanding of the meaning of life.


Life became a compilation of thoughts infused with grace, love and divine understanding.  I knew that unless I discovered a deeper meaning of it, I was doomed to guilt, depression and grief for the rest of my human experience.  So each day, I looked for at least one tiny speck of “truth” that would defy what the errors of my physical being were imparting.  This was not easy . . . there were days, weeks and months of questions that did not seem to have answers, tears, doubt, fear and blame, but I reached for and clung to every sparkle of light that pointed the way out of the darkness.






My daughter was my life, and  . . . I realized that that had to change.  God is the only Life.  When this concept took root in my consciousness,  healing came, and the bandages of sorrow and grief unraveled, and divine Love re-clothed me with the garments of freedom.  Did I forget that she has passed away?  No!  I learned to live with the consciousness she left behind–the consciousness I knew she possessed wherever and in whatever spiritual state, she has transitioned to.  “This is deep” . . . someboMyMamareviseddy said to me.  Well, life certainly is not surface-oriented!  When we seek . . . we do find, and the doors of peace and happiness are opened to us.  Walking with Love along the way of life, gives joy-filled days–days we could never achieve on our own.



Meta Rose is my daughter’s name and she had such great outer beauty, but her inner beauty surpassed it in infinite ways.


This poem sums up the thoughts that got me through the darkness into the light:  


I did not leave you behind,

Together we walk hand in hand

With a Father, both yours and mine

Who travels with us throughout the land.




Do not cry, do not weep.

I am not dead, I do not sleep,

My smile is just as fresh today

As it was the day I went away.




My days are filled with the thoughts of God,

He is ever with me wherever I trod,

The walk is not lonely, it is not sad,

I hold the hand of my only Dad.

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith



As the months progressed into years, I developed a sense of peace, well-being, health and harmony about God, my daughter and myself.  Much of this came over a 2-year period that led to my first book entitled:  The Unfolding of a Rose.

I would like to leave you with this video.  It is a summary of how I was raised above the sorrows of life, and discovered that joy comes in the morning–a morning that embraces the sunlight of truth.  Truth is defined as the spiritual nature of man–a spiritual nature in direct opposition to the human and physical conditions that the five physical senses are holding in front of your gaze.

My Version of the song “You Raise Me Up!” 



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