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Jun 04

Open Thought to “The Handsome Face” of Muhammad Ali

  Muhammad Ali   I watched silently as the white, convertible Cadillac crept slowly down the street–the open top revealing the tanned, handsome young man seated in the back seat.  It was a street located in the heart of the Negro section of Louisville, Kentucky–a street lined with white businesses, manned by black employees.  I …

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May 26

Open Thought: A Detroit Prayer

  Detroit:  The Comeback City! There are glowing headlines about the “wonderful” things going on in the Big D! People  visiting from other cities are quick to express their glee in the revival of Detroit.  Yes . . . we are experiencing a renaissance, but the success is only in certain areas, mainly downtown, and …

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May 22

Open Thought Asks: What Are the Four Stages of Transformation?

Four Stages of Transformation “Be not conformed to this world:  but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God” (Romans 12: 2).   What is it that is transformed?  How is the mind renewed?  Who renews it?  How is …

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Apr 27

Open Thought Asks: Does Man Experience Eternal Punishment?

As a child and far into adulthood, I believed that if man sinned and was not “saved,” he would suffer in hell eternally.  There would be “everlasting punishment!”  I do not believe that anymore.  Understanding Truth, Life and Love, has changed thought and freed me from those horrible beliefs.  That’s all they were–beliefs based on …

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Apr 23

Open Thought Asks: What Does Life Look Like After Death?

  WHAT DOES LIFE LOOK LIFE AFTER DEATH?   Have you ever pondered such a question as the one above?  Do you believe there is life after death, or are you one of those people who runs away from such questions and answers, and labels people a bit “nuts’ who raise such issues? I am …

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