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Jul 30

Open Thought: How Do You Respond to the Challenges of Life?

It is not about life not placing challenges and roadblocks in your pathway, it’s about how you respond to them.  No one is free of human hardships, frailties and difficult times, but finding a way to use them for growth and spiritual development is the key.   When my daughter passed away in 2005, it …

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Nov 19

OPEN THOUGHT Introduces AUTHOR Shirley Slaughter

Mamie we have come a long ways together ever since our days with the Detroit Writer’s Guild. We have shared so much since then.  This is my second stop on the blog tour and I thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to visit here today.  Since you are into spiritual healing I’m …

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Aug 13

THREE Words That Make an Olympian: Patience! Persistence! Perseverance!

The Three P’s:  Patience, Persistence, Perseverance are the cornerstone of an athlete’s pathway to becoming an Olympic champion.   These words mold and shape his character and direct his actions.  They begin with one’s efforts to overcome trials and defeats and bloom into poise, courage and humility. Most of us never dream of becoming an …

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May 17

PAGE ONE Interviews Author Mamie Smith Ed.D.

Mamie L. Smith began searching for a greater understanding of God at the age of twelve. She studied and practiced various religions before becoming a Christian Scientist and finding the path to eternal life. She is a mother, teacher, and business owner. ABOUT THE BOOK: Journey with Meta and her mother as they travel across America, …

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Aug 20

Open Thought: Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality

101978-SMIT-soft-081211-low CLICK TO SEE BOOK COVER     Health is Wealth!   Read this motivational and inspiring book and experience constant wellness. Take charge of your life by eliminating stress, low self-esteem, anger, fear and selfishness. Discover many spiritual insights that help you achieve balance, experience peace and enjoy comfort in your life.   This …

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