Category: Personal Development

Feb 24

Open Thought: Have We Made the Gun a Graven Image?”

As I listen to our President, the NRA and many people across America, I ask myself, “Have we made the gun a graven image?”  Is the Second Amendment greater than the Second Commandment? The Second Amendment says one has a right to “bear arms.”  The Second Commandment says one does not have the right to …

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Jan 22

Open Thought: “Loneliness” by Dr. Mamie Smith

  Loneliness   Loneliness Written by Dr. Mamie Smith   There are many days we stand alone With only faith to keep us strong, Words are spoken that cut so deep And being misunderstood, makes us weep. A voice whispers, “It’s alright! The star of truth shines very bright, Darkness comes before the dawn Let …

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Jun 04

Open Thought to “The Handsome Face” of Muhammad Ali

  Muhammad Ali   I watched silently as the white, convertible Cadillac crept slowly down the street–the open top revealing the tanned, handsome young man seated in the back seat.  It was a street located in the heart of the Negro section of Louisville, Kentucky–a street lined with white businesses, manned by black employees.  I …

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May 26

Open Thought: A Detroit Prayer

  Detroit:  The Comeback City! There are glowing headlines about the “wonderful” things going on in the Big D! People  visiting from other cities are quick to express their glee in the revival of Detroit.  Yes . . . we are experiencing a renaissance, but the success is only in certain areas, mainly downtown, and …

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Apr 01

Open Thought: Linda Naomi Katz Shares Her Book “Surviving Mental ILLNESS”

SURVIVING MENTAL ILLNESS Listen!  Digest!  After hearing Linda, your view on mental illness will be changed forever! SURVIVING MENTAL ILLNESS BY LINDA KATZ HER STORY . . . IS IT YOURS? The world is constantly holding mental illness in front of us in a variety of forms: bipola disorders, depression, paranoia, schizophrenia and many more …

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