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OPEN THOUGHT Introduces AUTHOR Shirley Slaughter

Mamie we have come a long ways together ever since our days with the Detroit Writer’s Guild. We have shared so much since then.  This is my second stop on the blog tour andImage of Shirley Slaughter I thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to visit here today.  Since you are into spiritual healing I’m going to talk about my health and physical healing that took place with a little spirituality thrown in.




Hello Everybody,


My name is Shirley Slaughter @motorcityauthorin pursuit of good health. I want to talk a little about the health issues I had to overcome before I even thought about writing and publishing a book. When you are starting out in life you are idealistic, you can’t wait for your life to start, you make mistakes along the way and you run into roadblocks sometimes. You never think going down life’s road that you will be hit with a major health issue. In my case it turned into a crisis.


Our children were grown when I was hit from all fronts starting with drug interaction problems and agonizing side-affects; allergies; sensitivities to chemicals & fragrances and foods; hot flashes too early; lactose intolerant; migraines & sinus headaches;  and on and on.  I said to myself, “Is this all there is?” You finish one phase of your life, looking forward to the next and then boom, you are knocked down by one health issue after another. Not only did I have drug problems, but I was allergic to foods and my hormones were causing early hot flashes starting (can you believe?) in my late thirties. That’s right, the decisions you make in your early life can cause severe consequences for your future. And all it takes is a heavy dose of stress to trigger the symptoms.

Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office cramping something awful, running to the restroom constantly, and not once did the medical staff ask what was wrong. I was clearly in trouble. I started to cry right there in the waiting room.  I was horrified that they didn’t pay any attention to what was going on. When my turn came they barely noticed my distress. If you can’t get help in the doctor’s office then we are in big trouble. It took me fifteen years and lots of out-of-pocket expense to get a handle on what was ailing me.

I had to stop eating certain foods (wheat products); dairy products (took me several years to really get what that meant) but when I eliminated it for almost a year I could see positive results in my health. Had osteoporosis in my lower spine; severe hot flashes; sinus and migraine headaches; chronic bronchitis; diverticulosis; irritable bowel; sudden weight gain and loss. I had slowly spiraled into a medical health crisis with allergies of every kind. I still maintained an appetite but I couldn’t hold food in my stomach. As soon as I ate something, I was eliminating just as fast. It was horrible and no medical doctor had a clue as to what was going on with me.  I was that one percent they had to contend with. I started firing doctors left and right.

And so I was completely on my own. I was an activist around this time, and a group of us went down to the old train station (that we were trying to save) to pull weeds and clean up debris. Someone in the group asked me why I was wearing a mask. I told him I had problems with all types of chemicals smells, dust, mold, pollen, anything that was irritating to my sinus cavities and lungs. He gave me a card to the Detroit Wholistic Center for a Reflexology treatment. Didn’t know what that was. It took me a year to finally inquire about it and was then offered a colonics treatment. I said, “What is that?” And was told it was a colon cleansing and that I could come to the office for a tour and a presentation about the process. I went and it eventually cured my colon irritability. The elimination of dairy products got rid of all my sinus congestions and headaches. It was a miracle to me but it was really all about using your common sense that God gave you and applying it to your everyday life with all its complexities.

The road was not an easy one because I was still having digestive problems. Went down to the basement and pulled out the Juiceman Jr. and starting juicing. Made sure I used only organic fruits and vegetables. Another miracle occurred. I became vibrant for lack of a better word. My skin and eyes and hair came back alive. Over time I got a handle on my health issues and was able to function at a better than expected decent life where I could get my creative juices flowing. Eventually, I got my bachelor’s degree, wrote a book,Product Details and became a speaker.

Mamie, I can relate to what you had to go through with your daughter and ultimately losing her and how you fought back and turned your trials over to God and how healing that was for you.

Reading your book Unfolding of a Rose gave me another perspective on handling a crisis. You wanted your daughter to live and you were willing to do whatever it takes to get her life back. I had to do what it takes to get my life back and I did. Along with the physical aspects of fighting this battle, I also turned to God and put the rest in his hands. The load got a little lighter once I turned it over to Him.

Mamie, I consider you just another angel among many I have met in my pursuit of happiness and good health, that I have stumbled across. You have given me another message that I will take and file away into life’s lessons. So here’s to you and your spiritual health! Your book Unfolding of a Rose will be added to my collections of go-to resources.

To everyone else going through a health issue, I say fight for your life and you will get angels helping you along the way.

Mamie thank you again for hosting me.


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  1. Hi Shirley,

    Thanks for being a guest blogger on my site. Because your story is helpful as well as healthful, readers can gain needed knowledge and information from your article. Experiencing good health keeps the mind clear and the body functioning.

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