Jun 29

Can Good and Evil Exist at the Same Time?

Evil disappears under the microscope of goodness.

Wow, what a statement! What does it mean? I am sure it means different things to different people. Let me see if I can put it into perspective.

Let’s find a workable definition for evil?  Webster defines evil as that which is “immoral, wicked” or “bad.” I like to think of evil as that which is erroneous, and erroneous is defined as “a supposition that pleasure and pain, that intelligence, substance, life, are existent in matter” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.472). A simplistic way of saying what the author Mary Baker Eddy maintains, is error is a belief or assumption that flesh and blood contain life and intelligence, and this life can be pleasurable or painful. I hear you saying, “Well, it does!” In reality, it does not! True life is not in a physical body, it is the spiritual qualities that one expresses, and because these qualities are spiritual, they do not exhibit physical pain or pleasure.

Evil itself is only a belief–a belief of a mind separated from God. Because it is not a part of God, makes it evil. This leads to the definition of “good.” Good is everything that is in, or of God. It cannot be bad, and be part of God, Spirit. Since another name for God is Spirit, flesh and blood is not the substance of God. Man, (you and me), is a reflection of God–that which is made in His image and likeness. Therefore, our true identity is not brain, blood and bones, but spiritual concepts and ideas. Wow, again! In fact, double wow!

Now, let’s go back to what started this blog–“evil disappears under the microscope of goodness.” Evil and good are opposites. One cannot exist in the presence of the other. When one is present, the other is absent. I hear you saying again, “That is not true! I have been in the presence of two people, one good, and the other, evil!” This is untrue only if one accepts the premise that evil exists in a person.

My premise is that it does not exist in a physical being, it exists in thought. For you to see evil, you must have it in thought. That thought may be conscious or unconscious, but it is in thought! Destroying evil in thought takes conscious effort. It means working daily–all day to keep one’s thinking pure. A person cannot think evil and good thoughts at the same time. You either hold a good thought in mind, or an evil one, and the second that you let go of one, the other takes over.

The good thing about all of this is that good will always be triumphant over evil. It may not happen for you or me in this world, but it will happen! Why? Because God created good, and did not create evil.  All that He created is eternal and unchangeable. The only thing that changes, is our perception.

You may or may not agree with the viewpoint of this post.  Let me know what you think.  Leave your comments below.  Also, tell a friend by sharing this post.  See what he says!


    • Andrea Happel on June 29, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Hi! You wrote much that I agree with. I too believe that God is spirit and that we are reflections of God. But I also believe that “the Word (God) became flesh and dwelt among us” (see John 1) and that Jesus is God in the flesh. I agree that God did not create evil and that God is all powerful and is victorious over all evil.

  1. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Many people agree with you that Jesus is God in the flesh. You know, I believe that as we all work to understand God, we will receive everything that we need. I see Jesus as the greatest expression of God’s qualities, and seek daily to emulate him. I would like to keep in touch with you.


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