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Open Thought: Spiritual Healing in the 21st Century: Outdated or Under-rated?

Disease is rampant today.  It touches the babies, men, women, animals; everywhere you look there is sickness, disease and death. Yet, if you turn the television on day or night, within minutes, someone is talking about a cure for this or a cure for that.  We are bombarded, lambasted, and beaten over the head with pills, surgeries and medicine!  If medicine heals, why is there so much illness?

This post will take a look at healing and the effectiveness of it in the 21st century.  Why this topic now?  Who will gain by discussing it?

You will gain.

A common response to this statement is “What will I gain by talking about it?  I can’t do anything” but you can! Here are four reasons why you should continue reading:

  1. You will discover an alternative way of overcoming disease, and if followed, bring healing results.
  2. Gain insight into why material medicine does not heal.
  3. Recognize that there is a relationship between evil thinking and physical disease.
  4. Open thought to the idea that there is no connection between the action of the human mind and spiritual healing.

What constitutes spiritual healing?


Spiritual healing results when human thinking loses all sense of reality and unites with divine revelation.  Is this possible?  It is.  As a person who relies on practicing God’s laws to “heal all thy diseases,” I can emphatically say it is possible.  What do you do?  How do you get there?

There are many ways that one can connect with God.  One way is to mentally hold in your thought that nothing or no one exists but God.  This God cannot be some distant, giant, superpower that you don’t or can’t understand.  God is Love, Spirit, Truth, Life and Soul; and He gave all of His creation the capacity to understand Him because we reflect all that He is.  His love is pure and eternal.  It is always there–just waiting for you to reach out humbly and trustingly to Him.  To the extent that you do so honestly and truthfully, healing takes place in thought, and that is the only place that healing occurs.  Once thought gives up the anger, fear or lust, the human body responds to it.

Trying to heal a sick body gets you nowhere, because your thinking is on that—healing the body, and not on God.  God has no sick body, so telling Him of your sick body is not aligning your thoughts with God.  His thoughts must become your thoughts, not the other way around.  Connecting with God fills your consciousness with thoughts of peace, harmony, joy, health, purity and forgiveness.  These are healing thoughts that heal the body.

Material medicine cannot heal.

Medicine operates from the premise that the body is a material organism.  Spirituality says the body is conscious thought, made up of divine concepts and ideas.  These are two opposite modes of thought.   One will never blend with the other.  Therefore, the best that medicine can do for the betterment of mankind, is give the physical body temporary relief.  True healing begins and ends with correcting erroneous beliefs—beliefs that man is not the “image and likeness” of God, but a material man conceived in sin, and needs doctors to keep him well, and ministers to save his soul.

The man of God’s creation is spiritual, immortal, pure and righteous.  Daily maintaining such thinking, keeps the physical body well and the spiritual body perfect.

Perfection yields perfection.

Diseased thoughts yield a diseased body.  Destructive thoughts produce destructive actions.  Jesus’ works challenge us to become aware of this.  He calmed the tempestuous seas by saying, “Peace be still,” not “Destruction go away!”  He told the diseased man, “Stretch forth thine hand,” not “Your hand doesn’t work, let me fix it.”  Had Jesus seen the human frailties that seemed to plague mankind as realities, he could not have healed them.  We have to do the same.


Human mind versus divine Mind

Another name for God is Mind.  Mind is divine intelligence.  The key word in this sentence is divine. Human logic has not a semblance of divine intelligence.  It cannot reach the heights of inspiration, revelation and divine understanding.  Thus, it has not the capacity to heal.  It only operates at a human level.  This is the basis of medicine’s incapacity to heal—it simply cannot comprehend divine law.  Once we reach this level of understanding, and practice it in daily activities, disease will diminish until it finally disappears.

I speak not from belief and faith only, but from demonstration.  I have been healed of numerous diseases: colds, loss of feeling in limbs, limited vision to blindness in one eye, stomach problems, bodily imbalances, lumps in breast and many more.  This is not to lift up Mamie Smith, but to acknowledge the power and presence of God—to be a witness to the fact that spiritual healing is not outdated, just under-rated!

Voices of ministers of the 21st century       

“ God’s Word is a healing agent, just as natural medicine is a healing agent or catalyst. In other words, the medicine itself contains the capacity to produce healing. Inherent within God’s Word is the capacity, the energy, the ability, and the nature to effect healing in your body.

We might say that attending to them, inclining your ear to them, and keeping them before your eyes causes the Word to get into the midst of your heart. Notice this: It is only as God’s Words get in the midst of your heart and stay there that they produce healing in your body. Head knowledge won’t do. They are going to have to penetrate to your spirit through meditation – attending, hearing, looking, muttering, musing, pondering – to produce healing in your body. But once they do penetrate, they will surely bring health to all your flesh. … let them penetrate deep within your heart. (Living Bible)  Joyce Meyer

“Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get healed and others don’t? It is God’s will for you to be healed and His Word promises you that right. “  Creflo Dollar


“ One of the greatest stress relievers God has given us is laughter. It not only makes us feel better, but it actually releases healing


throughout our system. When we laugh, it restores and rejuvenates what the pressures of life have taken out. Proverbs 17:22 puts it like this, “A happy heart is like a good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing.” Notice, when we’re good-natured and full of joy, taking time to laugh and play, it’s like taking a good medicine. That’s what helps us to stay healthy. People that laugh regularly are 40% less likely to have a heart attack than people that don’t laugh regularly. Laughter triggers the right side of the brain, which helps release creativity and helps us to make better decisions. There is too much sickness in our world today. Much of it is related to sadness. It’s directly related to the fact that we don’t smile enough. We live uptight and stressed out. But even during trials and hard times, God says to us, “I’ve got a solution. In difficulties, cheer up. In famine, laugh. Keep your joy.” You can laugh your way to victory, to better health and to more energy”    Joel Osteen


Spirituality is an experience involving an awareness of a relationship with a power or force that transcends human self and connects with a divine power—namely God.  Our Father-Mother God has created us to express this power in daily thought, word and deed.  Let’s do it!

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