Apr 23

Open Thought Asks: What Does Life Look Like After Death?





Have you ever pondered such a question as the one above?  Do you believe there is life after death, or are you one of those people who runs away from such questions and answers, and labels people a bit “nuts’ who raise such issues?

I am one of those people who say, “There is a trial period each one of us will go through after the human body passes away.”  Two key words make me say this: faith and understanding.  From early childhood, I have believed in a power greater that man–a power I call God.  As I grew in faith and battled with the darts and bolts of life, I sought understanding–spiritual understanding and was not denied.

Such understanding has made me redefine who I am–a child of God–a child made not of flesh and bones, but of divine consciousness.  Each of us has within consciousness goodness, mercy, joy, peace, good will, harmony and an infinite number of qualities that come from God.  The man God created is a body of divine thoughts, not a human body as many believe.  To cling to such a belief separates us from gaining an understanding of who we really are.  Years of searching have made me know who I really am!  

The greatest example of a “trial period after death,” was the re-appearance of Jesus to his disciples and many others after his crucifixion.  His human body showed the marks of death, but his spiritual mind revealed dominion over death.  He did this to prove to all of us that death really is an illusion, based on the belief that man lives in flesh instead of Spirit.

You say, “Hm-m-m-m. . . now I know she has lost it.”  I haven’t lost anything, I have simply gained spiritual understanding.  These words stem from over 40 years of divine demonstrations of Life, Truth and Love.  What does that mean?  It means I have healed diseases the same way Jesus did, silenced hate, forgiven the seemingly unforgivable and today, see life only as the divine activity of thought.


Life means using wisdom and understanding to gain dominion over sin, disease and death.  Death occurs only if you believe life is in the body.  I believe in the premise that man lives only in divine consciousness, not in matter.  If God, whom I believe to be Life, created all existence, death has no basis for occurrence.  It does not exist!  That is what is meant by “receiving the Holy Ghost.”  One reaches a state of thought where human existence is viewed as a myth, not as the creation of the One God.

How do we achieve this while here on earth?  Jesus paved the way.  He taught that the Christ was and is not a physical being, but a divine message from God that speaks to the human consciousness and takes away the sins of mankind.  That same Christ dwells among us . . . we have only to become spiritually aware of its presence.

Jesus had a dual personality–one of Spirit and of flesh.  Uninspired thought only saw the fleshly Jesus, but inspired thought knew the spiritual one.  Which one are you clinging to?  To walk in the flesh but become one with the Spirit, means the human eyes see mortal man, but mentally embrace the spiritual man.  As we grow in grace, every mortal thought will be destroyed by truth and you will gain eternal life.

What does life after death look like?  You will awake with a consciousness, not a physical body, because you have left that body here on earth–in a grave or ashes in an urn.  That consciousness you awake with, will basically be in the same place it was before you passed way.  What do I mean by that?  It will hold the same concepts, ideas and beliefs that controlled your life while on earth.  If those thoughts and ideas are materialistic, your battle to obtain eternal life will continue.  You will suffer from lack of spiritual understanding and may even die again and again until you reach the understanding needed to alter your journey.

Those who have embraced Christ and strove to demonstrate it while living on earth before death, will awake to a greater understanding of man and his relationship to God. Your wisdom will be heightened, growth steady and demonstrations sound.  This will continue until the “last trump sounds”– the last erroneous thought in consciousness melts into truth and love, and you attain a mind that never separates itself from God.

What road will you choose today?  What pathway will you walk in?  Will it be one of truth or error, joy or sorrow, love or hate, peace or war?   The choice is yours!

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