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Open Thought Asks: Does Man Experience Eternal Punishment?

As a child and far into adulthood, I believed that if man sinned and was not “saved,” he would suffer in hell eternally.  There would be “everlasting punishment!”  I do not believe that anymore.  Understanding Truth, Life and Love, has changed thought and freed me from those horrible beliefs.  That’s all they were–beliefs based on mortal thinking–thinking that did not understand man’s relationship to God.  What does all of this mean?

God is the sole Creator!  Nothing or no one exists outside of his creation, and all that He made is good.  This thinking is derived from reading the first Chapter of Genesis, specifically this verse: “And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good” (1:31).   Reading and gaining an increased understanding of that entire chapter gives one a different perspective on man’s relationship to God.   What is that perspective?

The man that God created is a spiritual idea, never having the capacity to sin, experience sickness or death.  He dwells eternally in the realm of Spirit where all is perfect, holy and pure.  The man introduced in the second chapter of Genesis is a false belief of the creation of man–a man made from the dust of the ground–later becoming flesh and blood.  This belief is mortal, having nothing to do with the immortal man presented in the first chapter.  No . . they are not the same man in spite of what many believe!  

Those who believe in flesh and blood or man made of dirt, are setting themselves up for suffering–suffering brought about by this sinful belief.  This belief says God brings sickness, allows sins and kills people.   If God is good, how could He perform such hideous acts?  The answer:  “He does not!”  Man suffers as long as he wallows in the dirt of false belief.   Sin renders punishment.  To escape suffering, mortal man must free himself from mortal beliefs and suffering ceases.   How does he do that?

Freedom from sin, means emptying one’s consciousness of all of the false beliefs stored there.  This is a process that may not be achieved before the human body passes away.  The human body is not one’s true body.  The true body is spiritual consciousness–the divine activity of thought.  Let’s return to the subject of this article”  Does man experience eternal punishment?

Answer:  No!  Man will experience suffering as long as he believes he is mortal, has a mortal mind and does mortal things.  It is these beliefs that cause his suffering.  When his physical body passes away, his consciousness still exists and he must continue purifying his thinking in the hereafter to demonstrate the man God created–the one with a spiritual body.  That man was always there, the human mind simply was not aware of it.  It did not understand his true being–his divine nature.  It believed what mortal parents and human society brain-washed him into believing.

No, I am not crazy!  This is the message that Jesus brought to us.  Mankind has distorted that message with his ignorance of God and the man He created.

Here are some truths to ponder:

Everlasting punishment is a difficult term, what does it mean? It means one will be punished for his sins as long as he believes they exist. #sin #DrMamieSmith

Man’s true nature is unaffected by sin when it becomes unreal to him. To most of us, this if difficult to understand. #DrMamieSmith
When one ceases to believe in sin, that sin ceases to exist in his thought and he cannot suffer from it. #DrMamieSmith
Ridding thought of sin, enables you to escape the punishment sin brings. #DrMamieSmith

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