May 22

Open Thought Asks: What Are the Four Stages of Transformation?

Four Stages of Transformation

Be not conformed to this world:  but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God” (Romans 12: 2).  

Jesus-ChristWhat is it that is transformed?  How is the mind renewed?  Who renews it?  How is good defined? What is the will of God?  Have you read this verse over and over and never asked yourself these questions?

Reading must be more that calling words.  It should move you to question, dig deep into thought, and reach out to God for answers–answers that thrust you into action!  It begins by taking hold of your thinking right where it is.  This article will do just that . . . you will walk away with a greater understanding than when you mentally walked in.

There are four stages of transformation that thought goes through in order to move from the human to the divine: Seeking and Receiving, Unfoldment, The Battle between Sense and Soul and Revelation and Transformation.

Seeking and Receiving

During the first stage, one must become aware that what he is thinking, doing or saying, is not in harmony with divine law–goodness or a sense of right.  He may not grasp what that law is, but recognizes that there is something better, higher than what is happening in his life at that moment.  So, he begins to look for a higher resource.  Sometimes, he only reaches a lesser form of error that moves him beyond the current form.   His consciousness may not have reached the level of divinity, but is less material than before.  He may find himself about to rob or shoot another person, and suddenly he mentally hears, “Don’t do that!  Let him live” or “Leave him alone!”  This enables him to keep searching.  Finally, he focuses on a truth that has the power to free him completely.  He knows without a doubt that a “truth” greater than himself, is the direction he wants to go.    How does he get there?


He looks for verses, ideas, thoughts and experiences that move him to the second stage–one of spiritual unfoldment.   For example, he begins to see that “Doing unto others as he would that they do unto him,” is a freeing element of thought.  Reciting this verse over and over generates a peacefulness he has not experienced before.  He loves that peace, and wants to feel it again.  This prepares him for the third stage:  a battle between sense and Soul.

The Battle Between Sense and Soul

In this stage, he asks, “What is sense?  What is Soul?”  Drawing only from previous knowledge, he make deduce that Soul is like God.  In fact, it is another name for God.  That being so, Soul has to be the opposite of what his eyes see, his ears hear and his hands touch.   It is a level of thought that is totally mental–nothing within human reality.  How does he get there?  How does he stay?


Vacillating between sense and Soul, places him on a roller coaster pathway to life.  One moment he feels God’s presence, and the next, he is embracing evil thoughts that will lead him to violent actions.  He doesn’t want to go there, but a force keeps trying to push him there.  He fights to stay in the realm of Soul, and hears “Love one another as I have loved you,” or  “Peace I leave with you.”  The battle rages–he is back-and-forth.  Each experience with error finds him reaching for Spirit, not matter, for he knows that Spirit gives him that restfulness he longs for–a calming energy that elevates him to another plane of consciousness.  Matter and sense do not want to yield their positions . . . the battle is on.  One minute he is holding on to Spirit, Soul, the next, sense pops up and says, “Here I am!  I can bring a satisfaction to you that you have never known!”   But the still, small voice of truth says, “I can set you free from guilt, inner turmoil and the hell you have plunged into–hang on, I’ll get you there!”   Ultimately, he yields to truth . . . .

Revelation and Transformation

Christianity is Not a Religion

The fourth stage emerges–he no longer believes that Life, Truth and Love reside in matter–the erroneous stages previously known.  The memories linger, but the desires are gone.   A force greater than before has elevated his thought, and it simply refuses to engage in the error that had delighted him in the past.  It’s as though it was never part of him.  What has happened?

His thought has been transformed, his mind renewed, and he has glimpsed the “perfect will of God.”  The goodness that escaped him for so long, has crystallized thought and reformed action.  Christ, truth is the foundation that propels his intelligence, and unifies his actions.  This is the impetus that moves Christianity from being a religion to a relationship–a oneness with the “One God.”    It is a struggle that a desire to overcome evil, must confront and master.   You are beginning to understand how Jesus felt when he was tempted three times by the devil, and overcame each temptation.


Listen my friend . . . this is only the first step.  Every evil suggestion and action, must go through the same metaphysical process until it is eliminated from consciousness.  “You have only just begun.”   The four stages of transformation do not allow mankind “to be conformed to this world . . . but transformed.”   It is a pilgrimage that must be launched by each one of us, moved along the rocky roads of life, until thought is illumined by grace and purified by love.  Let’s travel . . . together!

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