May 26

Open Thought: A Detroit Prayer


Detroit:  The Comeback City!

There are glowing headlines about the “wonderful” things going on in the Big D!

People  visiting from other cities are quick to express their glee in the revival of Detroit.  Yes . . . we are experiencing a renaissance, but the success is only in certain areas, mainly downtown, and even where success is taking place, the question arises “Is the success based on money and power or respect and empathy for mankind?”  I think most citizens would choose the former.  Why do I say that?   “Heart-breaking Headlines!”

“Heart-breaking Headlines!”

Lost of Loved One“There were 23 shootings in Detroit this week-end!”  “Another child was shot and killed!”  “The unemployment rate for African-Americans is above the national average!”

As important as economic growth is, growth in morality is the pinnacle of success.  Money does not cause a person to treat a neighbor the way he would like to be treated or quell anger, hate and discrimination.  For these to emerge, the heart must be softened, the soul touched and arrogance replaced with humility.   Often, someone exclaims, “What is the world coming to?”  Surely, this century is not the only time that thought has been expressed, but this century is where we are hearing it . . . what are we going to do about it?

The first place to start is within oneself.  Ask yourself the question, “What am I harboring within thought?  How am I viewing the person who is driving in front of me?  What do I think when I see someone who looks different from me, whose religion is different and whose values do not necessarily parallel mine?  Is my immediate thought, “He is less than?” or “Everyone is created by God, making him part of my family?”  The thought you choose determines your action.

Neighborhood Blight

Trash –  A Call to Building & Safety




They say:  “It’s on the List!”

You Say:  “It’s been on the list for 5 or 6 years!  – They do NOTHING!

You Call “Help Me Hank.”  They say: “Call or email “Improve Detroit.”  You do!

They say:  “We don’t pick-up curbside.”



Praying for Detroit

One of the things that I have been doing for many years, is praying specifically for Detroit. What does such a prayer look like?  It may go something like this: 

Detroit is made-up of consciousnesses that are filled with spiritual ideas.  Each consciousness is an idea that does not need a gun to survive, protect oneself, to settle an argument or plot how to rob and destroy another. . . but dwells in the harmony of Soul.  Each idea expresses abundance, not lack, and that abundance comes in the form of good thoughts–thoughts that hurt no one, including oneself.  

I know thoughts that seek to fill the human mind with pain, suffering, resentment, bitterness and hate must be rooted out by love, peace and brotherhood. Such thoughts must begin with me!  The city represents the true meaning of home–heaven, a place of quietness, peace and good will.  As I think of Detroit, drive through it and place a home or business there, I realize that my pure thoughts contribute to the environment found there.  We are all one–one in Spirit and are connected to the One God.  This God knows no prejudice, hatred, greed, or selfishness.  He/She has only one relationship–divine love. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “What good will that do?  Thoughts cannot control a bullet!”   Ah, but they can!  Every action is preceded by a thought–overt or convert before it expresses itself in action.  And . . . a silent thought filled with the goodness and grace of God reaches another thought and has the power to change its course before it grows into an evil action.

Have you ever believed that you were going to respond to something one way, and when the time came for you to do so, you responded oppositely?  You scratched your head and wondered why you did so?  Well . . . my friend, somebody ‘s prayer touched your soul–a somebody you may never meet humanly.  God’s power is not to be denied!  Try it.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everybody in it practiced divine thinking? All evil comes from Satan, the Devil.  These are just terms that define evil thinking.  We all have the capacity to change our thoughts . . . let’s begin right now . . . with ourselves!

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