Nov 12

Open Thought: How Do We Move Forward America?

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (Psalms 121: 1).

truthTo look upward would be very refreshing since our new “President-Elect” has had us “looking down” for so long. How can we turn the page? Where do we start? How can we get to a better place in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls?  There are those who are saying, “Let’s come together and unite as a country!”  Well, that has not been done for almost eight years!  We have seen absolute non-cooperation from the Republican Party during the Obama Administration!  We were looking up . . . they always looked down!  We tried to build a country … they built a coalition for saying “No!”  We tried to bring the country together to support common goals and a pathway to growth and development.  They separated themselves with an undercurrent of innuendos and a pathway to the atmosphere that supported the elective agenda of the wave that produced the election results we have today. There are numerous articles on this site admonishing, begging, pleading with them to “come together.”  They never did!  Going forward, my prayer is that the Democrats will not “Do to the (Republicans) as they did unto them,”but use the Golden Rule which says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”



“Sh-h-h-h, I hear some of you saying, let’s get beyond that!”  Here’s a news flash . . . unless we face what has happened, find ways to forgive . . . we cannot and will not move on.  We can pretend, lie to ourselves or try to bury the pain, insults, humiliation and low or non-existent morals, but that will not get us there. How do I know . . . we have been trying to do it for over 200 years in this country, and it is still there.  This election, more than anything else, showed us the hate, anger, bitterness, racism, superiority, inferiority and inequality that lie beneath the surface of thought.  I’m for healing . . . not pretending.  I was astonished that so many white Americans handed leadership of our country to Donald Trump–a man who made so many of us feel “less than,” strangers in our own country and witness the appalling degradation hurled at Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama!  And on yesterday, when asked by a reporter if he regretted how he had won the election, answered “No!  I won!”  Hm-m-m-m … what does that tell us?


Where is America’s sense of morality?  Have we replaced God with fear, money and power?  Where is our common decency?  Our humane treatment of each other?  One has only to look at Facebook, Twitter and several other sites to see the vitriolic language spewing out of the hearts of some of our citizens.  We seem to be a country lacking empathy for one another . . . a country who says “It’s all about me!  I will say or do anything to get where I want to get.”   In fact, I heard a gentleman say that a few days ago.  It went something like this: “Trump is a kind, gentle man.  I’ve known him for many years.   He said what he needed to say to get the presidency.  Now, you will see a different man.”  I’m sorry sir, a “different man” does not wallow in the sewer to get where he needs to get.  I will not excuse that behavior.  Saying “I’m 020sorry” is the easiest thing to do . . . but it means nothing if actions don’t follow.  We have seen no actions!


I love this country!  That is why I am writing this article.  Every ethnic group has contributed to its growth, development and maintenance.  European ethnicity, as important as it is, did not build this country and it will not make it great!  Greatness is not measured by material things, it’s measured by “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, loving a neighbor as yourself (spiritual) self” and looking to the core of your being and casting out the hatred and greed stored there.


My pen has been silent for many months as I watched the unfoldment of this election, and my heart bled for kindness, respect, courtesy, dignity and sound human relationships.  In order to keep myself above it, I had to pray daily, rise to higher ground and love the person God created and not the person I saw.  I heard over and over, “I like Trump because he tells it like it is.”  He didn’t tell it like it is, he told it like it isn’t.  The core values that this country was founded on, is telling it like it is.  More importantly, the divine law that governs each one of us, is “the truth that makes us free,” and there is no better way to tell it like it is.  What is that truth?  It is found in the Beatitudes, and it goes something like this:



Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake,

Rejoice and be exceeding glad:  for great is your reward in heaven;



Perhaps, there are those out there who do not believe in any form of spirituality . . . so the Beatitudes have no meaning for them.  All I will say is, “May God have mercy on you … because in the day beyond this earthly existence, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess.”


This article was not written to criticize, condemn, or demonize, but to uncover, expose and rebuke what needs to be restored before we can move on as a nation.  You don’t heal a wound by pretending it does not exist, but by recognizing and identifying its existence, and finding a remedy to abolish it.  In this election, America sunk to its lowest level in the history of its existence.  What did we do?  We rewarded the people who placed us in the gutter.


America!  Who are you?  What kind of people make up this nation?  Some of us did not take part in the screams “Lock her up!” but we went quietly into the booths and voted “Lock her up.”  One is no less evil than the other.

How can we turn the page? Where do we start? were two of the questions asked at the beginning of this article. Let’s look at a pathway to answering them.  We start with living and proving that we are a “nation under God.”  I call Him God.  Some people call him Light, Universe, Jehovah or Allah . . . it is insignificant what you call him. The importance lies in the manner in which you understand and practice who he is.  Reaching and adhering to higher levels of thought, aids progress, and progress is the law of God.  That progress however, is not seen in material goods, but in divine understanding.


I see God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love.  He is not seven different entities, but One Being with seven dimensions.  Each dimension defines who God is.  He cannot be Mind, unless he is Spirit, Life, unless Truth, nor Principle, unless Love, and so on.


Christianity is Not a ReligionGod as Mind is divine intelligence, wisdom and understanding–the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-encompassing Being.  As Spirit, he is the only substance.  There is no one created by God, that is not spiritual.  Why do I say that?  I base it on Genesis 1: 27, which says “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him.”   An image is an exact replica of that which it reflects.  Thus, man is not flesh and blood, but a spiritual idea–a divine consciousness of God.  The flesh and blood man is not spiritual, but material.  In order to be spiritual, we must express the divine qualities of God–qualities like love, kindness, respect, empathy, equality, justice, impartiality and righteousness–to name a few.  Anything less that spirituality, puts man in the mortal realm of thought–thoughts that cause us to disrespect, discriminate, dishonor or ridicule.


church rejoicingA key ingredient in reading and studying God’s Word, is demonstrating what you read.  It does no one any good to sit in church and hear the Word, and then go out and defame his neighbor.  He may as well not have heard it.  Another important lesson that mankind needs to learn is, that working out another’s salvation is not its responsibility,  … only their own.  You can’t save anyone else, you can only save yourself.  Therefore, it is essential to leave other people to connect with God in their own way, and you do the same.  Looking beneath your surface of thought and rooting out the “ills of the flesh,” is a 24/7 job.  Each of us needs to get busy.  Only then, will we begin to heal as a nation.


I love the quote that says, “If you want to heal the world, begin with yourself,” because as a man speaketh, so is he.  Our words and actions originate from our thoughts, and our thoughts say who we are.  We saw, heard who President-Elect Donald Trump was . . . and responded with “I love what I see!”  My fellow countrymen . . . that’s the message you sent to the world.


As one walks through this article, he may conclude that I dislike President-Elect Donald Trump.  I don’t dislike the Trump God created, but I do dislike the qualities that the human Trump expressed as he ran the most inhumane election this country has ever seen. My prayer was to see his true identity …which is how I feel today.


I love good and hate evil, not only in my neighbor, but more importantly . . . in myself!  Evil should never be excused, explained away or conceded to.   The way we grow, is to dig deep into consciousness, tackle our innermost dark thoughts and replace them with the truth as explained and taught by Jesus–the greatest man who ever walked the face of the earth.  If we want to make America great, let us emulate the greatness of Jesus by walking in his footsteps –“casting out demons, healing sick and evil thoughts” and freely giving love and respect–recognizing that love given, will also be received.  Maintaining the status-quo will keep us making two steps forward and three steps backward.  Change will only come if we change the fabric of our being and seek and walk in righteousness and love.  View PostJesus-Christ


Let us “lift our eyes to the hills,” and know that doing so, will bind us together, strengthen our resolve and allow us to witness the presence of the Christ–that divine manifestation of God that each one of us possesses.  Only then . . . will America be great!




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