Jan 22

Open Thought: “Loneliness” by Dr. Mamie Smith





Written by Dr. Mamie Smith


There are many days we stand alone

With only faith to keep us strong,

Words are spoken that cut so deep

And being misunderstood, makes us weep.

A voice whispers, “It’s alright!

The star of truth shines very bright,

Darkness comes before the dawn

Let words of wisdom keep you warm.”

The world out there seems bleak and cold,

But outstretched arms are there to hold,

Christ is ready to point the way,

It does not matter what people say.

Bind up your wounds, stand on your feet,

Do not falter, do not sleep,

Long ago the path was laid

So, walk alone, I’ll give you aid.

Raise your thoughts to God on high,

Who lifts us all above the sky,

Never a moment, leaving us alone,

As we travel the road . . . that takes us home.


Rising Above Adversity 




The light of truth shines very bright,

Lifting you above the night,

Let each ray absorb your touch

With healing words, “I love you much!”


Darkness seems to cast a shadow

With earthly things that do not matter,

The hand of God is always near,

Erasing doubt and shattering fear.


Your path to life is just ahead,

Void of doubt and free of fear,

Embrace it now with all your might,

It never travels from your sight.

God is All-in-all today,

There’s nothing else for me to say! 


Written by Dr. Mamie Smith




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