Apr 30

Open Thought to: Choosing Wisdom over Foolishness

“The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness” (Proverbs 15: 14).

Many times in life, we are presented with two pathways:  the pathway of knowledge and the pathway of foolishness.  Which do we choose? Sometimes, it is very clear to us which one to choose, and we choose wisdom.  Other times, our greed, selfishness and pride cause us to veer into the path of foolishness, and then there are times, we would love to choose the right path, but our lack of spiritual understanding guides us to the wrong one.

The experience I would like to share with you walks in the third pathway–my seeking wholeheartedly to choose wisdom, but missed the mark.

Years ago, I had severe dental problems and had on combined dental visits, extracted and replaced several teeth with fixed bridges, retractable bridges, covered some with crowns and left one space open because I did not want to connect a bridge to an unsound tooth, nor receive an implant.  Instead of solving all of my problems, the treatment solved some, but also created bigger problems, one which caused my teeth to shift from side to side, grind against each other and produce soreness.


I struggled with the problem for many years, but decided I would not let anyone “inside of my mouth” again except to clean my teeth–using a periodontist instead of a dentist.  Any pain or suffering was dealt with metaphysically. However, as the years passed, the space that had been left open grew wider and wider and my re-tractable bridge did not seem to fit, and along with the shifting and grinding of teeth, the pain became unbearable at times. Turning to God for a solution, led me to believe that either new teeth would appear to fill in the gaps, the gums would adjust to the changes my teeth were undergoing, or everything would stay as it was, but all pain and suffering would disappear.


Before you say, “What a stupid decision,” let me tell you that as a Christian Scientist,  I have experienced many healings–healings that can only be defined as “the work of God and His glory.”  Among those healings are blindness, yeast infections, broken wrist (the only treatment being to set the wrist and put a cast on it), disappearance of colds, flu, strep throat, migraine headaches and many more illnesses.   So, placing my faith in God, is a normal reaction and process.  No medical treatment has been administered to me in over 40 years.  “When Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free,” he spoke true words that can be proved today.


Now . . . back to the unbearable pain with my teeth today . . . which incidentally has plagued me for several days. This day however, I was going to put all of that stuff to rest, so I placed the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and concordances for both books around me and began to do the work I knew I had to do.  I read numerous citations, on “fear, mouth, love, conscience, trust” and others I cannot recall–pondering and listening to the meanings of all.  At the end, I was directed by God to call a dentist.  I was astonished!  So, I began to have a “question and answer session” with God.  What does that mean?  It means asking God a question, waiting for an answer and then asking Him another question based on the answer received.  This went on for more than an hour.  At the end of the session, I was more confused, and kept thinking, “Why would God who is Spirit, tell me to do something un-spiritual?”

Slowly, a citation by Mary Baker Eddy emerged in thought . . . “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,  p, 494).  What was God revealing to me?  I wasn’t sure, but after having been at this study for many hours, I decided to “wait on God ” to make it clearer at another time.  I knew he would, I just did not know when it would happen.

After preparing breakfast, I sat down to eat and watch “Soul Sunday” on the Oprah Channel OWN.  Her guest was an inspirational young man sharing his view of religion and spirituality.  As I listened, it became very clear to me what and why I had been directed to call a dentist.


When divine Love meets a human need, it does not mean the need is spiritual . . . it means the pathway to receiving that human need is spiritual!  Wow! What a revelation for me . . . maybe not for you!


With hope, sincerity and a deep faith in God, I had sought an answer to my “teeth dilemma.”  The pathway to God was spiritual, because the numerous biblical and spiritual citations readied my thought, moved my consciousness upward and gave me a level of understanding I did not have.  The confusion came about because the answer I heard, did not “jell” with the answers I had concluded (human will).  I was trying to direct God instead of allowing Him to direct me.  I expected God would give me a miraculous healing message, but all I heard was, “Call a dentist.”  That simple answer could not be God talking!  Plus . . . everybody sees a dentist!  What was godly about that?


What did I need to learn?  A human need is not a divine need . . . God didn’t need a dentist . . . spiritually, I didn’t need one either . . . but humanly I did.  And since my spirituality had not reached the level of understanding where I could affect the appearance of new teeth, or keep things as they were, but experience perfect harmony on all fronts, the answer was “Call a dentist and get your human need met.”    Also, I realized that if my spiritual understanding progressed . . . when I get to the dentist, putting in an implant and filling a space between two teeth, may not be the human solution.  This is where my understanding is NOW, but does not mean this is where it will remain,  and being obedient to God is a necessity wherever it is,  You got it . . . I called a dentist (on a Sunday) and left a message for an appointment.


What is different about my enlightenment and where I was before the intense study?  My faith and trust in God are stronger, and an acknowledgment that performing a human act directed by God, does not make the act spiritual, it makes the process spiritual, thus giving me a higher level of thought and spirituality.  Also, it taught me another lesson . . . that human will has no place in the divine economy.

Listening to God with the innocency and faith of a little child, paves the way for spiritual growth and ascendency . . . listening to human will, leads one down the pathway of failure, suffering and discouragement.  Which will you choose . . . a path of wisdom, or a path of foolishness?

Your success depends on the one you select!



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