Apr 06

Angels Messages of Dr. Mamie Smith

There are periods in a person life where he hears divine messages.  Sometimes he heeds these messages, other times he ignores them.  As I grow spiritually, I listen more and more and strive to demonstrate what I hear.


Earthly House:  A consciousness of mortal beliefs.

Building of God:  A consciousness filled with spiritual ideas.

The man of God’s creation is clothed with immortal thoughts, a divine consciousness and spiritual thoughts from God.  He is clothed with peace and harmony.  Mortal man is burdened by mortal thoughts–thoughts of disharmony, anger, bitterness and mental chaos.  He must replace these thoughts with divine thoughts–thoughts of love, forgiveness and non-judgment.

Mankind’s beliefs are formed before he appears in birth–formed by the mother carrying him, the world around him.  To rid himself of these beliefs, he must recognize that he dwells in Mind, and that there are no limitations in Mind.

Fruits of Spirit:  Faith, hope and long suffering.

Money’s Limitations:  All of the money in the world cannot prevent the operation of divine law, it only affects the operation of mortal man’s laws.  God’s law is all-power.  Let us wait for the salvation of God.



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