Oct 12

What Is a Long and Healthy Life?


The American Aging Association has as one of its goals . . . “to keep the public informed of the progress . . .  and of practical means of achieving a long and healthy  life.” What is a long and healthy life?  Typical answers like “make sure you rest,” “eat healthy foods,” or “spend  time with other people,” are human needs that should be met, not key ingredients to achieving a long and healthy life.
Ingredient One: Discover and do daily mediation or spiritual reflection and contemplation.  These set the stage for the elimination of things that cause stress, anger, and the tendency to focus on self.  How do you begin?  Thinking about The Lord’s Prayer, reading spiritual books, or simply replacing negative thoughts with divine thoughts are great starting places.
You may also pray to your Higher Power, seek angel messages, or ask for help beyond endeavors that lead to getting through troubling situations.  Change your mental environment!  Rise above “I can’t believe he did that!” to “I’m going to lift my thinking above that which he did!”  “I’m going to see him as one of God’s perfect angels.”
You will be surprised at how an honest acceptance of such statements will melt the disharmony that you are feeling inside.  Mental disturbance yields physical discord.  Your body responds to your thoughts.
Ingredient Two: Let go of your ego and get in touch with the One Ego–namely God, Higher Power, Supreme Being, or whatever you call Him.  I call Him God!  The “I must be pleased or satisfied attitude” has to cease.  Seeking to think, say, or do things that follow divine Law eliminate “egoism.”   I have many mental conversations with myself during the day.  Example: “Mamie, what do you think God would do about this?  Is this divine will or human will?  Is this loving my neighbor as myself, or just loving myself?”
The one with the greatest impact is “Am I obeying ‘Thou shall have no other gods before Me?’  Humble yourself before God.  One writer puts it this way: “Real humility is rare, because to have it you have to want nothing, yet, when you have it, you get everything”(Divine Thought of the Day).  That “everything” is a calm, inner peace that nothing material can parallel.
Ingredient Three: Express gratitude.  True gratitude comes from the heart–the soul.  It is that inner spirit that brings comfort, peace and tranquility. Everything “ungodly” disappears.  You seek only to please that Power that no human hand can hold, and no human heart can touch.  It is an inner glow that the brightest sunlight cannot emulate.  The weight that was holding you down, releases itself, and you soar above the trivial and critical.  All truly is well.
There are many people who make a “gratitude list.”  While this can be well and good, care must be given so that the items placed on it are derived from the heart.  A list of material things cannot generate the expression of Soul, God.  Many times, my list simply says, “I am grateful that You have given me so much that I can share today,” or “Help me to shape my life so that others, observing my actions, will glorify thee.”
Ingredient Four: Carry a spiritual quote or verse around with you mentally throughout the day, and apply it to situations that develop and seek to rob you of  your inner peace and positive level of thought.

Health to Happiness

Finally, clearly define for yourself the true meaning of life and health.  I see health as a divine state of thought, not a well physical body.  Defining health in this manner, enables me to maintain pure and uplifting thoughts.  Ask yourself,”Is having a well body all that there is to life?  Is living, just existing physically?”  If you answered in the affirmative to either of these questions, I believe you have lots of work to do.  Life is another name for God.  It is divine revelation of thought–that spiritual connection to God.  You or I truly live when we are so connected that we hear, see, and feel God’s goodness and mercy every minute of the day.  Arrive at your own spiritual awareness of life and embark upon a “long, healthy life.”

If you found this blog post helpful, pass it along to a friend. Spiritual growth and development are contagious–spread it around!

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  1. Thank you so much for the response. I am grateful that you shared you own experience with us. I will try to “keep it simple.”

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