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A New Look At “Peace On Earth”
Peace on earth is a state of being that the world clamors for, strives to acquire, and even “goes to war” to achieve. However, it cannot be achieved with worldly weapons or ideas. It is calmness, quietness, tranquility: that which is not measured by what one sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels through the senses, but peace elevated to spiritual awareness and purity.  For example, one can conceivably be surrounded by chaos and discord, and feel a sense of warmth, protection, and total harmony.  The storms of life do not interfere with the stillness of Soul, once a connection is made.  Making that connection is the key.
The day of my father’s funeral, I made that connection.  Tears of sorrow, grief, and loss of a loved one surrounded me, but I felt and exhibited a quietness that said, “All is well.”  I knew my father was not the man in the casket, but one whose life represented intense love and protection of family, straight-forwardness, dedication to promises made, and the ability to see through deceit and dishonesty.  I felt that, and shared it with my siblings during the service.  When discord tried to lift its ugly head, love destroyed it, and mercy denounced it.
How is “peace on earth” achieved for all mankind?  Earth, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is “worldly affairs and pursuits as distinguished from spiritual concerns.”  First priority is given to thoughts, feelings and actions by oneself, and the impact others will have on them, instead of a right course of action based on spiritual ideas and laws.
Peace is  an “undisturbed state of mind; absence of mental conflict; calm; quiet” (Webster).  It is through this state of mind that solutions which serve  all mankind, can be made.   Righteousness, impartiality, and equality lead the way. Pride, prejudice and partiality have no foothold.

I found it disappointing that the news media respectfully pointed to anger and revenge as the force that motivated and governed the last election.   Where was “we are a nation under God?”   Let us remember the wisdom of Jesus who said, “a house built on sand” (Matt. 7: 25) cannot stand.  If we build a nation on forces of evil, we will fail.  Nations with sound foundations will override and overshadow us.  A solid foundation is a nation built on moral values–values of hope, faith, wisdom, honor and freedom.   These have no race, color, or creed, but have their source in The Ten Commandments, Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount.

Peace on earth starts with each one of us.  Every person has a responsibility to look within himself, and cast out dark, hidden, evil thoughts that cloud  vision, and obscure logic.  The man of God’s creation is neither black or white, brown or red, Christian, Muslim, or Jew.  He is the blessed child of God–a spiritual idea, not a physical being.  The war that must be fought by all of us, is personal anger, bitterness, resentment, fear, hatred, prejudice and self-aggrandizement. As long as we carry these around, we lose.

As I listened to the election results, I prayed not for Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, or Independent, but for love, integrity, sincerity and righteousness.  These set the tone for leadership.  That man who does not follow divine Law, cannot lead, and a nation divided against itself, will not stand.

As we enter the season of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us re-affirm our hope,  re-dedicate our mission, and restore our faith–a faith not of ourselves, but of God. It is only through this living, will we achieve a peace that passes the understanding of human will, and identifies with divine will–the only way of life.

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