Aug 20

Open Thought: Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality

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Health is Wealth!


  • Read this motivational and inspiring book and experience constant wellness.
  • Take charge of your life by eliminating stress, low self-esteem, anger, fear and selfishness.
  • Discover many spiritual insights that help you achieve balance, experience peace and enjoy comfort in your life.


This book compels you to understand your being, upgrade your experiences and develop a strong, concrete and practical relationship with God.  The author has over forty years of experience with this healing method, and has seen many diseases healed–from colds to blindness.



Instead of taking pills three to four times a day, use metaphysical ways of healing three to four times a day.  It does work!



MEDICINE: A DAILY DOSE OF SPIRIRUALITY opens the door to the power of prayer in promoting emotional, physical and mental healing, thereby causing health and wellness.  Read it, and you will hold the key to life—life expressing the quality and quantity of spiritual growth and development.


Mamie Smith Ed.D. is a teacher, inspirational speaker, business woman and author of The Unfolding of a Rose--a book that has helped many readers overcome the loss of a loved one.  Dr. Smith is writing a third book which examines the commonalities shared by several world religions.


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