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Changing One Life at a Time

As a citizen, I believe one should reach out to his fellow countrymen, as a Christian, I believe one’s life should exemplify “man’s humanity to man.”  For this reason, I have several charities that I contribute to.  The Rescue Mission is one of them.  However, as hard economic times made contributions dwindle, it became necessary to move in a new direction .  Thus, we are asking you to  learn more about the  Mission, and help in any way that you can.

Why the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries?  I saw a “Channel 7  Special” that revealed the great work the Mission is achieving with the citizens of Detroit.   I was moved by those who were shown the pathway from poverty to self-sufficiency,  drug abuse to drug-freedom, uneducated to educated, and low self-esteem to self-respect.

The Rescue Mission is literally “changing one life at a time,” which parallels my life mission–“changing one thought at a time.”    Therefore, “Open Thought” is asking each participant to donate One Dollar ($1.00) at a Time,” and continue the journey that we have embarked upon.  All contributions will flow directly into the Mission.

What’s New at the Mission?

The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries is focused on rebuilding lives one at a time, with the help of our partners, donors, volunteers, community groups.

  • Vocational training and education programs for the homeless and addicted read more
  • Housing for the homeless read more
  • Teen Moms Housing read more
  • Treatment for addicted men, women and children read more
  • Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative services read more
  • Emergency food, shelter and clothing read more
  • Family reunification help for people in substance abuse treatment read more
  • Summer camping programs read more
  • Substance Abuse Prevention programs for youth read more
  • Volunteer and Internship opportunities read more
  • Spiritual life support and counseling services read more
  • Substance abuse recovery, alumni, and peer support programs read more
  • Recreation and retreat services read more
  • Senior Citizens activities

Click the Link Below  for Donations  Directly to the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries:


Click the Link Below  for Donations  Directly to Educational Arts Society, Inc:

The Educational Art Society, Inc.

Music, art and theater are rewarding in and of themselves. They enlarge one’s vision of life, expand the outreach to others and amplify the inner self! Remember your last trip to a museum or a concert hall? How did it make you feel? Can you still feel the tingle you got when you stared into the face of a Rembrandt or Van Gogh, or swayed to the beat of your favorite song? Help a child develop this feeling or learn an artistic skill to help someone else develop it. 

Click on the Picture To Donate – Funds Go Directly To GoFundMe:

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