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How are you today?  Did you do anything today that made you feel good about yourself?

What was it?  What about it makes you feel good?  

Did you do anything  that made you feel bad?  What was it?  

Who are you?  What do you expect from yourself?  Are you achieving it?  What steps are you taking to achieve it?  

How do you see yourself in one year? Five years?  Ten years?  What are you doing NOW that will get you there? 

Who is the most important person in your life?  Why?  Did you do something today you wish you had not done?  What was it and why did you choose to do it? 

The key to answering these questions is “honesty.”  Lying to oneself helps no one.  In order to begin tackling the underlying causes that make one respond in a particular way, you must uncover hidden thoughts–sometimes thoughts that are painful, shameful and unbearable, look at them and find ways to mentally rise above them.  Dr. Smith is available to aid in this manner–giving free consultation the first hour.

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Carry this quote with you today:  The key to  having a perfect day is starting the morning with perfect thoughts – Dr. Mamie Smith

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