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Rising Above the Ashes of Depression, Violence & Divorce is the Book “Who Am I?” by Megan Cyrulewski


Post Partum Depression! Panic Attacks! Domestic Violence!  Divorce!

Any one of the above can put your life into a tail-spin . . . this author dealt with all of them.  Read her amazing story . . . feel her pain and welcome her triumphs! 

Reaching into the depths of your soul and re-defining your life, is what Megan Cyrulewski had to do  . . . and did.  Was it easy?  No!  Was it worth it? Yes!  Is she an example of what self-awareness, patience, persistence and perseverance can do to change the direction of your life for the better?  Yes!   Sometimes those qualities are so deeply buried in consciousness, it’s difficult to bring them to the surface.  Megan found a way, and she wants you to do the same.  

What is she saying with her book?  “If I did it, you can too!”  Megan’s first book Who Am I?  How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again, has been described as “a narrative that plays out all over the world in private silence . . . yet, here is one young American woman who decided to risk telling her story in all of its gory glory, raw and powerful, relentless and ultimately triumphant.”

As I researched this book, I was touched by the depth of Megan’s pain and suffering, the challenge to let go of the anger, the humility in facing her own faults and the brutal honesty about what her ex-husband needs to do to bring her closure.  It takes courage, and the ability to unravel the threads of despair to lay open these kinds of wounds.  You will want to hear this story!  Gain a sense of what it means to have dominion over emotional challenges, low self-esteem and domestic violence!  

Megan’s compelling story will be played out on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5:15 pm (EST) on November 9, 2014 on Kats Radio,  Authors call (567) 704 – 0961, Code 966989, hit the #sign at 5:13 pm.  Family and friends can download the app to Kats Radio, visit and listen.

Here are some of the questions that will be answered:

  • What do you say to women who are experiencing domestic violence today?
  • What is post-partum depression?
  • What do you want your ex-husband to say and do to give you closure?
  • Does changing the way you think and feel about yourself play a role in leaving domestic violence behind?

Visit her website and read inspiring blog posts and quotes like the one below that strengthen your day and revive the inner spirit:

PictureMegan Cyrulewski has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism and Juris Doctorate.  She has appeared on numerous radio shows and is a “sought-after” speaker on domestic violence.  She will talk about the blog post that “went viral.” Be there! 

Discovering Your Life Purpose with Suzanne Strisower on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith


Life Purpose Coach!  Certification in Clinical Hypnotheraphy!  Conflict Resolution!


This is Suzanne Strisower!


Do you know your life purpose?  Have you tried to discover  it?  Or, are you wandering aimlessly through life hoping you will somehow “run into it?” That may or maynot happen.  But wait  . . . Life Purpose Expert and Coach Suzanne Strisower has already built a GPS for you.  Watch her “turn it on” with Dr. Mamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” November 2, 2014.  


She has created a system entitled 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life to help you find your way, and here is what others are saying about it:
“Whether you are considering your life purpose for the first time or wanting to expand upon
your current purpose, this book is full of treasures.  The author demonstrates her understanding of the human journey by bringing forth a broad spectrum of tools for self discovery.”
Kari Carter



“For years, I struggled to find my purpose. Many trials and tribulations would overtake me while on my journey.  However, in a person’s life, there are things that give you pause and make you take note.  It happens when someone or something crosses our path, and it just seems we are ready to WAKE UP.  I recently had the opportunity to find 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life.  Had I had this workbook earlier, my life would have been much simpler.  Do yourself a favor, obtain your copy of this PEACE of work, and stop passing through this life–begin to live and live it on purpose.”

Karen Mayfield, Founder of Wake Up Women






As I perused 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes, I was struck by the many stages Suzanne says one’s life goes through.  Many of us believe we have only have a few stages:  birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and death.  Find out other stages that you may be going through right now and . . . didn’t have a clue!  Continuing my journey, I found several “take-aways” that may be of interest before you hear the interview.  They certainly caught my eye:




  •  DEFINITIONS: How you are always living your life on purpose whether you know it or not
  •  MIND-BODY-SPIRIT: Being multidimensional, balancing the mind-body-spirit purposefully
  •  LIVING PURPOSEFULLY: Know how your life purpose positively impacts you personally, professionally and spiritually
  •  LIFE PURPOSE: Learn the 7 Universal Life Purpose Elements & how to use them for personal growth
  • CHANGE: Make friends with change, tips on how to use transitions to positively reassess your life
  •  THE PROCESS: Walk through the 5 step process to finding & expressing your true purpose in life
  •  MISSION STATEMENT: Learn the tips to Create your own Life Purpose or Personal Mission Statement
  •  RELATIONSHIPS: Understand how to be compatible with your love interest using your purpose
  •  IDEAL JOB: Strategies using your life purpose to point you towards your ideal job or career
  •  YOUNG ADULTS/HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Help young adults create a meaningful career path and plan for their lives


Defining and streamlining one’s life purpose, improves self-awareness and identity, develops talents and potential and enhances the quality of life.  Such growth not only enlarges one’s own life, but amplifies the lives of others through learning programs, assessment systems and management journals, workshops and community activities.  Stritower’s book leads the way.



You can get this inspiring and informative book at  Click on it and surf “on over there” and purchase it before the interview.  You know  . . . be a step ahead.


Hear how you can discover the purpose you don’t know you have, or expand the one you know you’ve got!  Either way, you are a winner!  On November 2, 2015, at 5:13 pm, the call-in number for authors is (567) 704 – 0961, Code: 966989 and hit the #sign.  Friends and family can download the app of Kats Radio, visit and listen.


Suzanne Strisower is a visionary and a woman of diverse talents, accomplishments and experiences. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, certification in coaching, clinical hypnotheraphy, conflict resolution and permaculture.   Grab a chair, note pad and clear thinking, and join us.  Your “take-aways” will increase!




While you are surfing, check-out her website.

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Dr. John McGrail Says, “Life Should Be Fun-Filled, Let Me Show You How”

Do You Want to Become a Better You?  

Image of John McGrailA person responding to that question could say, “You know, I think I’m alright just the way I am.”  What if follow-up questions went something like this?  “Are you happy being overweight?  Why do you “curse-out” other drivers each morning as you make your way to work?  Why are you alone so much?  You seem to have nothing nice to say about anyone, why is that?  You always say, “He said that because he’s just jealous of me” . . . is there anyone who isn’t?  You know guy . . . you always look so-o-o sad . . . .”


This is a make-believe dialogue between two people, but the questions describe the mental state of real people.  You see and hear it played out in the lives of people you work with, are related to and have unconditional love for.  How do you help them?

Readers of The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transf… would say, “You need to read that book by Dr. John McGrail.  I think it’ll help you find out more about yourself!”    What book is this?


It is a book that:

Is Life-Changing-Your Life Changes by Changing the Way You Think

  •  Helps You Tap into the Power Within Yourself
  •  Makes a Healthier You
  •  Teaches More About the Spiritual Nature of Man
  •  Erases the Sadness from Your Eyes Because It is no Longer a Part of the  Sadness of Your Mind  


The human mind is a simple entity.  It lies to itself, conjures up images of thought that impose diseases on the body, fools you into thinking your are powerless and convinces itself that what it believes is reality.  McGrail’s book The Synthesis Effect seeks to correct these beliefs and place you on the pathway to health, harmony and happiness.  You do not want to miss it!


Discover new ways of thinking and acting with Dr. John McGrail on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on Sunday, September 28, 2014 @ 5pm (EST) on Kats Radio,  Authors, should call (567) 704 – 0961, put in the Code 966989 and hit the #sign.  Friends and family should download the app for Kats Radio on computers or cell phones and then go to the site


You can get a head start by surfing over to NOW and purchasing it.  Maybe you will have a question for Dr. John McGrail . . . .


  Image of John McGrail 





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