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“Each human hardship can be overcome . . . with the right tools of life.”

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The Unfolding of a Rose is a stirring account of a mother’s love, devotion to her faith, and survival of the unimaginable-losing her daughter, Meta, to breast cancer. Mamie Smith’s narration beautifully explores the emotional territories of the heart put to the ultimate test and her astounding courage to accept God’s plan.

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The Unfolding of a Rose


Meta’s Young Children

6-9-2010 3;27;13 PM
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Dearest, Mamie:


I feel as if I “know” you. I feel as if I “know” Meta. I feel as if I am a part of your and Meta’s life….and indeed I Am.

I am so moved, so touched. I don’t know if I have the words to express what I feel behind reading The Unfolding of a Rose. I received my book yesterday. I read it all evening after work. I read it on my breaks today at work. I finished that book tonight. I have NEVER been so connected to any story as I have with yours.

What a privilege, though, painful in many ways, to demonstrate the Love and care and nearness of God in an experience that is “unfathomable.” Mamie, in speaking with you before, I had no clue where to begin, and I am surely not knowing at this poing. Just know that you have touched my soul. The Science is much much clearer to me at this point than it has ever been in my “short” past of being exposed to it. Meta’s demonstration is so powerful.

Thank you for being authentic in this book, for sharing when the fear, doubts and other mortal thoughts showed up, and sharing how you dealt with them. Thank you for sharing this journey. Yes, you did have to write this book for me and countless others who are feeling our way through. You are encouraging us to pray, study, stay near to God and not rely on those feelings that jerk us around.

This book has blessed my soul. I don’t know what else to say right now. IT has shifted me forever. God bless you. Thank you for sharing God, as revealed in your and Meta’s courageous journey with us.

Mamie, I am going to go through my book again and carefully underline so many things that spoke to me… I could go on and on right now, but it is 10:53 p.m. here and I do have work tomorrow.  I will be in touch. If you do not find the time to respond each time, it’s okay. I just must continue to talk to you. Blessings.




That unity begins with a greater understanding of God, the man He created and each person’s divine connection with Him.  Meta shows us . . . let us learn by her example.



A High School Picture of Meta

The Unfolding of a Rose Network –  A Website Devoted to the Life and Goals of Meta Rose Yett 

The Unfolding of a Rose website pays tribute to the late Meta Rose Fluker-Yett. It expresses her concept of life, activity, and love of people. For over 17 years, she dedicated her life to connecting people with fashion, design, business acumen and man’s humanity to man. These ingredients define the foundation of our mission.
As we reach out to people around the world, the force behind this outreach is the continuous unfolding of love, respect, kindness and impartiality. Many avenues will be explored, opportunites sought, and successes achieved. The Unfolding of a Rose represents the unfolding of ideas in human consciousness.


Each person is composed of an infinite supply of ideas. Let us use these ideas to serve mankind through higher levels of thought, deeper contemplation, inspired effort, solid commitment, and persistent achievement.


Higher levels of thought encourages each of us to look up from the human hardships to the joys of life. 


Stephen – Meta’s Brother 


Meta’s Wedding Day – Her Family – Dad, Mom & Meta Stand with Her Brothers – David & Stephen


Derah – A Grandchild – Born After Her Passing