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Mamie’s Latest Book: An American Story: My Family and Yours


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What “An American Story: My Family and Yours” is About

An American Story: My Family and Yours, is not only an American story, but a worldwide story—a story that shares the emotions, fears, experiences and challenges every family in the human race can relate to. It underlines the idea that a human problem is a world problem, because the world suffers from it in some way—sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. Humanity shares the same emotions, hardships and successes because it lives in a human vacuum—a vacuum that loves, hates, forgives, suffers and dies. Families work together and families work against each other, but when faith and love conquer thought, they forgive each other and move on.

The author’s family is only a representation of your family, and collectively, both families are a microcosm of the world family. This is why you can and will relate to this book. The author’s pain becomes your pain, and her joy makes your heart overflow. You will see faith, courage and inner peace lived because it identifies with your faith and courage. As you read, her family will be replaced by your own personal experiences with your family. Whatever emotions this book generates, sad or happy, success or failure, it will lift the veil from your eyes, and the light that fills your thoughts will make you say, “I’m better because I read this book …” So … jump on board and take the ride with her. The journey is worth it!

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The Unfolding of a Rose has touched the hearts and souls of many people.  Life became more understandable, and death less fearful.

Guilt, carried around from the loss of a loved one, dissolves.


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 Posted MAY 6, 2013 


Dearest Mamie,


Thank you for sharing your lovely book  The Unfolding of a Rose with me — your story of love and adventure with darling Meta, David and your family.


In the chapter The Apocalypse in Science and Health , page 566: 1-11 is a passage I turn to many times –I’ve memorized it–it speaks of our journey.  S&H page 232:7 Mrs. Eddy assures us: “Security for the claims of harmonious and eternal being is found only in divine Science.”


Mamie, you are absolutely precious and so very special.  Your family is very blessed to have your thought with them.

Name Withheld 

 Hi Mamie,
As I was thinking of your daughter today, I felt so much joy and excitement for her.  I feel like some really wonderful things are happening for her now.  Yes, I feel the same as you, that she is really growing spiritually.  I feel like she is even going beyond what she did spiritually while she was on the Earth.  She’s really helping people and making a big difference for them, and she’s really good at what she does.  I feel really happy for her and proud of her!  I can tell that she’s a really good person, and you helped her and taught her well and that you were a wonderful mom to her.  It’s strange, but as I sit here typing all of this, it’s as if I feel her here or hear her.  I feel that she wants you to know that she loves you very much and is smiling down at you from Heaven and is proud of you and what you’re doing with your books.  You’ll see her again some day!
Blessings to you,
Trish LeSage
September 15, 2013

A reviewer

Reader Rating                               

Posted June 17, 2008, 10:53 AM EST: Mamie L. Smith in her book ‘The Unfolding of A Rose’ opened my eyes to the weakness in my faith and to the strength, courage and grace shown by the author. The author lost her beautiful Rose while she was in full bloom but Meta’s grace and courage lingers like perfumed air.  Shirley Anderson

A Story of Warmth and Love, August 4, 2008

Mamie L. Smth’s The Unfolding of a Rose is the touching story of a mother’s faith that helped her through the death of her daughter.The author is the mother of a special, brave woman, who succumbed to breast cancer. The story begins with the early years of her young family, as they traveled across America, German, and Japan as a military family. The author’s daughter, Meta was an inquisitive child, and she excelled in school. Her life was made complete when she married and had two adorable children. Meta had an entrepreneurial spirit, and decided to go into business for herself. Despite hard economic times, she was able to pool her resources in the best interests of her business. Her exciting life came to an abrupt stop when she discovered she had breast cancer.

Meta’s mother experimented with various religions, looking for an alternative to her husband’s Catholic faith. A chance knock at her door by a Christian Scientist, put the wheels in motion that would make her a devoted follower of Mary Baker Eddy and her philosophies. The more she studied Christian Science, the more she saw that its doctrines surpassed conventional medical assumptions. When Meta’s cancer was discovered, her strong faith carried both of them through many dark days. Thinking back on her daughter’s life she writes, ” I see her as planted by divine mind, nurtured by spirit, and yielding the fruits of love. She is not a rose that comes into being, lets its beauty and fragrance shine for only a moment, and then passes away, but an ever unfolding rose, whose petals dance among us, never to disappear from our lives.”

This is a poignant and heart-warming autobiography, and Mamie L. Smith’s strong faith in Christian Science runs like a golden thread through the narrative. The author portrays her daughter as a strong, determined, and caring person that she was, and the bond between them should touch the reader’s heart. The engrossing story told in “The Unfolding of a Rose” should resonate with the reader long after the last page is turned.

Reviewed by Dorrance Publishing

If there is anyone reading this post who loves and cares about their daughter, I want them to STOP for a moment and read this carefully! This book was written by an amazing woman Mamie Smith. This was her first book. She has just written her second book. This is the love story of Mamie and her beautiful daughter Meta Rose who lost her battle with breast cancer. It can be purchased from Amazon if I’m not mistaken for under $5.00! PLEASE buy this book and read this book and then give it to a friend. It is amazing. Mamie is an inspirational human being and mother! She has inspired me. My daughter had breast cancer too.



The Unfolding of a Rose Video Interview

Mamie Smith gives a candid interview of the challenges she faced in overcoming the loss of her daughter to breast cancer, life as a child, and the journey that led her to write her first book “The Unfolding of a Rose.”   You hear her loss, but do not feel her grief because her faith and spirituality have lifted her to a greater understanding of life–life not in the human body, but life in the awareness of Soul.

Click on the link below and begin her journey:

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  1. January 27 at 1:54am Report
    Dearest, Mamie:

    I feel as if I “know” you. I feel as if I “know” Meta. I feel as if I am a part of your and Meta’s life….and indeed I Am.

    I am so moved, so touched. I don’t know if I have the words to express what I feel behind reading The Unfolding of a Rose. I received my book yesterday. I read it all evening after work. I read it on my breaks today at work. I finished that book tonight. I have NEVER been so connected to any story as I have with yours.

    What a privilege, though, painful in many ways, to demonstrate the Love and care and nearness of God in an experience that is “unfathomable.” Mamie, in speaking with you before, I had no clue where to begin, and I am surely not knowing at this poing. Just know that you have touched my soul. The Science is much much clearer to me at this point than it has ever been in my “short” past of being exposed to it. Meta’s demonstration is so powerful.

    Thank you for being authentic in this book, for sharing when the fear, doubts and other mortal thoughts showed up, and sharing how you dealt with them. Thank you for sharing this journey. Yes, you did have to write this book for me and countless others who are feeling our way through. You are encouraging us to pray, study, stay near to God and not rely on those feelings that jerk us around.

    This book has blessed my soul. I don’t know what else to say right now. IT has shifted me forever. God bless you. Thank you for sharing God, as revealed in your and Meta’s courageous journey with us.

    Mamie, I am going to go through my book again and carefully underline so many things that spoke to me… I could go on and on right now, but it is 10:53 p.m. here and I do have work tomorrow. I will be in touch. If you do not find the time to respond each time, it’s okay. I just must continue to talk to you. Blessings.

  2. A Visitor from Chicago
    Hello Mamie,
    You met my friend and I during a recent trip to Michigan and Canada. We visited your boutique. My friend purchased your book which per her is very encouraging. I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration, and openly sharing your experiences. Your grace, warmth, positive attitude and strength definitely encouraged me to fight another day. My husband’s death definitely tried my sanity. But I thank God everyday for His grace, mercy and the angels He sends into my life.

  3. Anonymous

    How the disciples of Christian Science cope with fatal illness.

    Reader Rating See Detailed Ratings

    Posted August 29, 2008, 2:45 AM EST: I am always curious about the principles of Christian Science and wonder how the disciples of Christian Science would cope physically and psychologically when they themselves and their loved ones are struck by the fatal illness such as cancer. As one of the Christian Science people Mamie L. Smith shed light on the uniqueness of her faith to the readers of her book, THE UNFOLDING OF A ROSE, by explaining how her faith in Christian Science sustains her through her hardship and sadness of losing her daughter to cancer. After Meta, her daughter, passed away she picks up pieces of their business and continue on. Smith is an educator and a businesswoman and she neither claims that she is a scholar in Christian Science nor a professional writer. Yet this book is worth reading as a well composed case study of Christian Science belief and practice. My dear Mamie Smith, I am glad I read your book!

  4. Editorial Review

    The Unfolding of a Rose is a stirring account of a mother’s love, devotion to her faith, and survival of the unimaginable-losing her daughter, Meta, to breast cancer. Mamie Smith’s narration beautifully explores the emotional territories of the heart put to the ultimate test and her astounding courage to accept God’s plan. Meta was always a curious and beautiful girl, excelling in school and marrying the man of her dreams. Meta had two children and discovered a passion for entrepreneurial work by developing her own business. Meta’s world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mamie began a search for the “why” of what happened and helped her daughter with her battle with cancer through her study and practice of Christian Science. These women, bound by love and an enduring faith, gained a greater understanding of the true meaning of life-our essence or spiritual being. As Mamie recounts, “I see her (Meta) as planted by divine mind, nurtured by spirit, and yielding the fruits of love.” Smith’s amazing and beautiful tribute will resonate with anyone who has survived the loss of a child or may be going through the pain of a terminal illness. Its message is one of love, hope, acceptance and an enduring faith in God. Author Bio: ABOUT THE AUTHOR-Mamie Smith is a writer, retired vocal music teacher, and business woman.

    Dr. Smith is currently writing her second book and lives in Michigan. The Unfolding of a Rose is her first book.

    Mamie L. Smith began searching for a greater understanding of God at the age of twelve. She studied and practiced various religions before becoming a Christian Scientist and finding the path to eternal life. She is a mother, teacher, and business owner.

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