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Open Thought” is a very simplistic concept, yet requires indepth and reflective  action.  Most people, when posed with the question Is your thought open to new ideas and concepts? will give an affirmative reply.  Yet, experience teaches that they are not really ready to learn new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.   Familiarity and comfort are the major  reasons why.  Surface thinking, the opposite of indepth thinking, comes easy because it does not require change of values, ideologies, or religious views.  This blog will take you beyond  comfort level, challenge lifetime beliefs and require walking on uncharted ground.   Its purpose is not to convince, but to explore–have the courage to seriously evaluate other opinions, beliefs, concepts and ideas. Open Thought takes the reader on a journey–a mental journey of exploration, contemplation, and revelation.  It asks for viewpoints, ideas and proven ways of approaching life–life far beyond physics into the horizon of metaphysics.  Every human condition and experience have a divine revelation and demonstration.  One simply has to discover it.  In so doing, opportunity for personal growth and  spiritual development are immeasurable. Are you ready to take the journey, challenge the status quo and soar above human logic and reasoning?  If you are, board the train of life, and climb out of the valleys of thought and soar to the mountaintops of spirituality.



  1. Peace and Blessing Queen

    I like your site and I’m looking forward to the travel and challenge. It will help me in my continual spiritual development so that I may have the right energy flow and ora.

  2. Thanks Maurice,

    I am sure we will learn from each other.

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