Category: Spirituality

Jun 29

Can Good and Evil Exist at the Same Time?

Evil disappears under the microscope of goodness. Wow, what a statement! What does it mean? I am sure it means different things to different people. Let me see if I can put it into perspective. Let’s find a workable definition for evil?  Webster defines evil as that which is “immoral, wicked” or “bad.” I like …

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Jun 21

Are Spirituality and Religion the Same?

    THE TWO PICTURES ARE AS DIVERSE IN MEANING AS THE ANSWERS ARE TO THE QUESTION ARE SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION THE SAME. Have you ever asked  yourself the question above.  More importantly, did you answer it? I’m going to give you specific information that will help you decide if they are the same, different, …

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Jun 10

Coping with the Loss of a Child

Radio Interview: The Unfolding of a Rose Listen To Mamie Smith Talk About Her Book Author, Mamie Smith gives the listeners insights into why she wrote The Unfolding of a Rose, the impact it had on her life and how she arrived at the title. She also explains what the words “Christian Scientist” mean. This …

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May 22

What Does It Mean to See the Face of God?

What does it mean to see the face of God?  Have you ever seen it?  What does it look like? As a child, I imagined God to be superhuman, bigger than man, but looking very similar.  After all, aren’t we made in His “image and likeness?  As I grew older, I stopped trying to figure …

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May 15

Is Breast Cancer Too Powerful for Prayer?

Many years ago, I discovered a lump in one of my breasts. I was gripped with fear! However, as a person who relies on metaphysics to heal physics, I turned to God immediately. How was I going to pray? What would I say to God? Would He hear me? Was I able to connect with …

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