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May 22

What Does It Mean to See the Face of God?

What does it mean to see the face of God?  Have you ever seen it?  What does it look like? As a child, I imagined God to be superhuman, bigger than man, but looking very similar.  After all, aren’t we made in His “image and likeness?  As I grew older, I stopped trying to figure …

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May 15

Is Breast Cancer Too Powerful for Prayer?

Many years ago, I discovered a lump in one of my breasts. I was gripped with fear! However, as a person who relies on metaphysics to heal physics, I turned to God immediately. How was I going to pray? What would I say to God? Would He hear me? Was I able to connect with …

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May 13

The Nature of Man

Defining the Nature of God Defines the Nature of Man What is God? What is Man? What is the Meaning of Nature? I read an article today.  In it, two points of view were discussed relative to the nature of man.  One viewpoint contended that man enters the world with innate abilities that unite with …

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