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Mar 10

What is Peace? Open Thought Answers!

What is Peace?         I saw a sign today that read: “Learning to Ignore Things is One of the Great Paths to Inner Peace.”   The moment the impact of those words sank in, my spiritual consciousness said, “What? That cannot be true!  To ignore means to “overlook” or “pretend something does not exist.”  How does pretending something does not …

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Sep 26

The Great Homecoming: Does It Exist?

    The Homecoming It has increasing become the “norm” for ministers giving the eulogy at funerals to refer to the event as “the homecoming.”  They tell  waiting audiences that it is a celebration for the deceased–a day to rejoice that he has united with God.  As one pans the audience, the color black is …

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May 17

PAGE ONE Interviews Author Mamie Smith Ed.D.

Mamie L. Smith began searching for a greater understanding of God at the age of twelve. She studied and practiced various religions before becoming a Christian Scientist and finding the path to eternal life. She is a mother, teacher, and business owner. ABOUT THE BOOK: Journey with Meta and her mother as they travel across America, …

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Feb 24

Whitney Houston: Let’s Remember Her! Celebrate Her! Moan Her!

    Whitney Houston  Randomly flipping through the channels in an effort to find something of interest to view, I saw it–words that caused the remote to freeze in my hand: “Whitney Houston: Dead at 48.”  While my first reaction was shock, another voice whispered, “Are you surprised?  You know she was on drugs.”  Quickly, …

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Aug 20

Open Thought: Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality

101978-SMIT-soft-081211-low CLICK TO SEE BOOK COVER     Health is Wealth!   Read this motivational and inspiring book and experience constant wellness. Take charge of your life by eliminating stress, low self-esteem, anger, fear and selfishness. Discover many spiritual insights that help you achieve balance, experience peace and enjoy comfort in your life.   This …

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