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Mar 10

What is Peace? Open Thought Answers!

What is Peace?         I saw a sign today that read: “Learning to Ignore Things is One of the Great Paths to Inner Peace.”   The moment the impact of those words sank in, my spiritual consciousness said, “What? That cannot be true!  To ignore means to “overlook” or “pretend something does not exist.”  How does pretending something does not …

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Feb 01

Open Thought Asks: What is Bereavement?

          WHAT IS BEREAVEMENT?  You are probably wondering why anyone would want to know the answer to such a question.  For the same reason you do–to ease the pain.  It is a place no one wants to go, and no one enjoys being–a place where hope is lacking and sorrow is abundant.  A bereaved person feels …

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Sep 26

The Great Homecoming: Does It Exist?

    The Homecoming It has increasing become the “norm” for ministers giving the eulogy at funerals to refer to the event as “the homecoming.”  They tell  waiting audiences that it is a celebration for the deceased–a day to rejoice that he has united with God.  As one pans the audience, the color black is …

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Aug 27

Open Thought: If Jesus Were Here Right Now . . . .

If Jesus were right here now  .  .  .  Have you ever had such a thought?  What would you say to him?  What is the most pressing thing you would ask him to heal?  Sin?  Sickness?  Restore a loved one? Jesus walked the earth over 2000 years ago–healing, teaching and demonstrating divine law.  At the …

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Mar 05

Open Thought: I AM GOD vs. I AM the LIKENESS of GOD

  Open Thought Explores the Two Modes of Thought Why do I feel it necessary to write an article on  “I Am God” versus “I Am the Likeness of God?”  Two reasons:  Recently, I heard a noted speaker advocate that a person can attain higher levels of thought by affirming “I am God.”   The …

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