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Jan 08

Open Thought: A Kirkus Review of “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality”

101978-SMIT-soft-081211-low book cover  CLICK HERE TO SEE BOOK COVER!       Kirkus Review takes a shot at “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality” by Mamie Smith Ed.D.                                                        …

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Aug 20

Open Thought: Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality

101978-SMIT-soft-081211-low CLICK TO SEE BOOK COVER     Health is Wealth!   Read this motivational and inspiring book and experience constant wellness. Take charge of your life by eliminating stress, low self-esteem, anger, fear and selfishness. Discover many spiritual insights that help you achieve balance, experience peace and enjoy comfort in your life.   This …

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May 23

Open Thought To Seven Ways To Understand God — Spirituality

            One day,  I was having a conversation with a family member about the understanding of God, and she made this declaration:  “I do not believe anyone should try to understand God–it is not meant to be.” I wonder how many people share this viewpoint.   As I contemplated the …

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Jul 18

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6YxubrBrxQUsing Spiritual Qualities in Daily Experiences

Maintaining a calm, hopeful and expectant demeanor reduces stress, increases productivity, and makes you a happier person.  This video will help you do that! Listen to it!  If you found it inspirational, helpful or thoughtful, pass it along to a friend. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Jun 30

Open Thought: Spiritual Healing in the 21st Century: Outdated or Under-rated?

Disease is rampant today.  It touches the babies, men, women, animals; everywhere you look there is sickness, disease and death. Yet, if you turn the television on day or night, within minutes, someone is talking about a cure for this or a cure for that.  We are bombarded, lambasted, and beaten over the head with …

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