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Mar 19

Open Thought to: An AMAZING Story of Faith, Love and Courage!

THE UNFOLDING THE UNFOLDING OF A ROSE BYMAMIE SMITH ED.D. An Amazing Story of Faith, Love and Courage Don’t forget to scroll down and view the authors who share this page with me. Is it possible to hear a clear definition of life that comes strictly from the mouth of God? Does God really speak …

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Jan 12

Open Thought Asks: What Are Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem?

        A week ago, this question would not have appeared in my thought.  Why now?  Good question.   It started the day I interviewed an author on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith–my radio show.  The author’s book revealed how a person could move from bankruptcy to wealth by changing how …

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Jul 06

Open Thought to the Letters of Paul: A Messenger of Jesus Christ

“Saul, (Paul) yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord . . . . “(Acts 9: 1).   Paul is one of the most loyal followers of Jesus, but he was not always a follower.  In fact,  as Saul, he hunted down Christians and imprisoned them for daring to follow a …

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May 14

Open Thought to the “Wisdom” of Tyler Perry!

“I don’t think the dreams die, I think that people give up.  I think it gets too hard.”  Tyler Perry  Do dreams really die or do people give up achieving the dream . . .  and it is the determination and ability to persevere that really dies?  How does one keep pushing ahead when it …

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Mar 13

Open Thought: What Does the “Stand Your Ground” Law Really Mean?

“STAND YOUR GROUND!”  Those three words cause some people to swell with pride, and others to shrink from injustice.  The way you feel  depends on whether you are black , brown, red, yellow or white.    Shouldn’t they mean the same thing to every American?  We are all citizens of this great nation–have shed blood, sweat and …

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