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Nov 19

Detroit News Freelance Writer Andrea Daniels Chats with Duane Parham

Detroit News Freelance Writer Andrea Daniels Chats with Songwriter/Producer Duane Parham Detroit saxophonist Duane Parham was 15 years old when he did his first professional performance at an east side club. He played a saxophone that cost his grandmother $100, and he’s been playing ever since. “I always wanted to sing,” says Parham from his …

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Oct 05

Open Thought: The Face Behind the ” Uncelebrated Musicians of the Motown Empire”

The Motor City   There are two key words that focus the reader’s attention on the subject of this article: Musicians and Motown. One accentuates and influences the other, and both are synonymous with Detroit.  For decades, music and Detroit have “clicked, bounced around” and then “jelled.”  Some of the world’s greatest talents have their roots buried in the …

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Jul 03

Open Thought to: Failure or Success

Failure is a word most people do not like to think about, and a process no one wants to experience.  Why?  It deflates the ego, tears down the self-esteem and stifles energy!  Then . . . why write about it? Frankly, because I am tired of running away from it, pushing it deeper and deeper …

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May 07


            HEADLINE:  Over 500 Workers Killed in Bangladesh Factory!    What do you do when you see such a headline?  You gasp!  You ask why?  You search for answers!       You have a strong desire to investigate the steps that led to such a disaster!  Questions pop into …

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Aug 13

THREE Words That Make an Olympian: Patience! Persistence! Perseverance!

The Three P’s:  Patience, Persistence, Perseverance are the cornerstone of an athlete’s pathway to becoming an Olympic champion.   These words mold and shape his character and direct his actions.  They begin with one’s efforts to overcome trials and defeats and bloom into poise, courage and humility. Most of us never dream of becoming an …

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