Category: Personal Development

Aug 22

A Personal Book Writing & Marketing Presentation

    This article will lead you to more questions and information on “book writing, book marketing and book publishing.”  Take a look at the book link below.  I have used it extensively.  It is easy to read and follow:               Hello there,       Three-Perspective …

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May 08

A Tribute to President Barack Obama

      “He walked the shores of blue Hawaii, and listened to the voice within, It moved him across the deep, wide sea, to places where he’d never been.   The words “We can,”  ignited a spark, In a country torn by war and pain, Hundreds and thousands made their mark, From muddy hills …

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Feb 21

Open Thought Discusses: A Woman Called Oprah!

Who is Oprah Winfrey?  An icon?  A living legend ?  A household name  known throughout the world? A billionaire?  A talk-show host? I discovered she is all of the above, and much more! Let me tell you about it. Open your thought!   It is Monday, December 20, 2010, and I have just arrived at …

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Feb 07

Open Thought To The Unfolding of the Life of Michael Jackson: A World Composition

    A tiny bud–sturdy, strong, engaging!  We watched it open, peek out, and slowly unfold into a glowing leaf.  The first glance told us it was special!  We stared, held our breath, clapped our hands, and were introduced to the electrifying energy of  Michael Jackson! Yesterday, he entered the grand theater of life, walked onto …

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