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Jul 14

What is the Purpose of Human Existence?

What is the Purpose of Human Existence? Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I hadn’t . . . that is, until viewing Super Soul Sunday  on the OWN CHANNEL .  Oprah had asked this question of many of the world’s spiritual leaders when they appeared on the Show, later compiled the responses, and played  them …

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May 14

Open Thought to the “Wisdom” of Tyler Perry!

“I don’t think the dreams die, I think that people give up.  I think it gets too hard.”  Tyler Perry  Do dreams really die or do people give up achieving the dream . . .  and it is the determination and ability to persevere that really dies?  How does one keep pushing ahead when it …

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Mar 05

Open Thought: I AM GOD vs. I AM the LIKENESS of GOD

  Open Thought Explores the Two Modes of Thought Why do I feel it necessary to write an article on  “I Am God” versus “I Am the Likeness of God?”  Two reasons:  Recently, I heard a noted speaker advocate that a person can attain higher levels of thought by affirming “I am God.”   The …

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