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Jan 08

Open Thought: A Kirkus Review of “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality”

101978-SMIT-soft-081211-low book cover  CLICK HERE TO SEE BOOK COVER!       Kirkus Review takes a shot at “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality” by Mamie Smith Ed.D.                                                        …

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Jul 24

The Seven Keys to a Successful Prayer

As a twelve-year-old listening to a Baptist minister exclaim, “You need to get down on your knees and pray,” I thought that the first step to prayer was kneeling somewhere.  Then after I assumed this position(which I felt was required of me by God), the words would come to me to tell Him what I …

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Jun 30

Open Thought: Spiritual Healing in the 21st Century: Outdated or Under-rated?

Disease is rampant today.  It touches the babies, men, women, animals; everywhere you look there is sickness, disease and death. Yet, if you turn the television on day or night, within minutes, someone is talking about a cure for this or a cure for that.  We are bombarded, lambasted, and beaten over the head with …

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May 15

Is Breast Cancer Too Powerful for Prayer?

Many years ago, I discovered a lump in one of my breasts. I was gripped with fear! However, as a person who relies on metaphysics to heal physics, I turned to God immediately. How was I going to pray? What would I say to God? Would He hear me? Was I able to connect with …

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