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Apr 04

Open Thought Asks: Where Does Racism Begin?

Racism:  A term that has plagued world cultures for centuries–sometimes overt and sometimes subtle.    America has dealt with it since the 1600’s–millions have lost their lives, suffered mental and physical abuse and lived with the gross inequalities of a nation.  In fact today, racism is alive and well in America and other countries throughout …

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Jan 12

Open Thought Asks: What Are Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem?

        A week ago, this question would not have appeared in my thought.  Why now?  Good question.   It started the day I interviewed an author on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith–my radio show.  The author’s book revealed how a person could move from bankruptcy to wealth by changing how …

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Nov 22

Open Thought to Music: Educational Arts, Music & Talk Radio (EAMT)

  Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio Info   Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio (EAMT)   Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio will feature music in many different genres from musicians around the world. Talk shows cover topics in spirituality, health and wellness, pet care, traditional ministry and many more.  Music will fill the …

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Feb 15

Open Thought Asks, “What Do you Mean When You Use the Word “HOPE?”

  Hope is a word used in conversation many times throughout the day:  “I hope to get married one day.  I hope to get finished with college in June.  I hope to be healed of this disease.  I hope, I hope I hope . . .  .”  What is expected when one hopes? Is hope a …

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Jan 10

Open Thought to the Wonders of The Sermon on the Mount

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect”     (Matt. 5: 48). This statement by Jesus as he delivered the Sermon on the Mount, is deemed by many as an impossibility.    Why?  Man cannot be perfect because he was conceived in sin, and God is not and cannot …

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