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Jan 22

Open Thought: “Loneliness” by Dr. Mamie Smith

  Loneliness   Loneliness Written by Dr. Mamie Smith   There are many days we stand alone With only faith to keep us strong, Words are spoken that cut so deep And being misunderstood, makes us weep. A voice whispers, “It’s alright! The star of truth shines very bright, Darkness comes before the dawn Let …

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Dec 14

Open Thought: Peace Comes to the World

The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee: The Lord Make His Face to Shine Upon Thee and Be Gracious Unto Thee, The Lord Lift His Countenance Upon Thee, and Give Thee Peace (Numbers 6: 24-26). The world is reeling from chaos, war, destruction, hate and human suffering.  Where is the peace that most of us seek …

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Mar 10

What is Peace? Open Thought Answers!

What is Peace?         I saw a sign today that read: “Learning to Ignore Things is One of the Great Paths to Inner Peace.”   The moment the impact of those words sank in, my spiritual consciousness said, “What? That cannot be true!  To ignore means to “overlook” or “pretend something does not exist.”  How does pretending something does not …

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Nov 11

A New Look At “Peace On Earth” – Open Thought

  A New Look At “Peace On Earth” Peace on earth is a state of being that the world clamors for, strives to acquire, and even “goes to war” to achieve. However, it cannot be achieved with worldly weapons or ideas. It is calmness, quietness, tranquility: that which is not measured by what one sees, …

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