Tag: Spirituality

Apr 30

Open Thought to: Choosing Wisdom over Foolishness

“The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness” (Proverbs 15: 14). Many times in life, we are presented with two pathways:  the pathway of knowledge and the pathway of foolishness.  Which do we choose? Sometimes, it is very clear to us which one to choose, and …

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Jul 06

Open Thought to the Letters of Paul: A Messenger of Jesus Christ

“Saul, (Paul) yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord . . . . “(Acts 9: 1).   Paul is one of the most loyal followers of Jesus, but he was not always a follower.  In fact,  as Saul, he hunted down Christians and imprisoned them for daring to follow a …

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Apr 19

Open Thought Answers the Question: What is Spirituality?

      Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who consistently tossed around the word spirituality and you knew without a doubt they were discussing the word religion?  If you haven’t, your day will come or maybe you have, and did not realize there is a difference between the two.  Before you …

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Feb 01

Open Thought Asks: What is Bereavement?

          WHAT IS BEREAVEMENT?  You are probably wondering why anyone would want to know the answer to such a question.  For the same reason you do–to ease the pain.  It is a place no one wants to go, and no one enjoys being–a place where hope is lacking and sorrow is abundant.  A bereaved person feels …

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Mar 05

Open Thought: I AM GOD vs. I AM the LIKENESS of GOD

  Open Thought Explores the Two Modes of Thought Why do I feel it necessary to write an article on  “I Am God” versus “I Am the Likeness of God?”  Two reasons:  Recently, I heard a noted speaker advocate that a person can attain higher levels of thought by affirming “I am God.”   The …

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